Goddess of the Season

Goddess of the Season


The Time of the Croneby HP Kerritwyn

Samhain is a time of deep magick within, a time of hard honesty, clear vision unclouded by sentiment, and truth.

It is the Time of the Crone.

In the pure, beloved honesty of Deep Dark, She is there, to lead us away from false or frivolous pretensions, into an exploration of the Center of who we are, to the place of stark honesty within that glimmers and pulses with Her righteous peace .

In the velvet warmth of Deep Dark, She is there to wrap us in the comfort of our profound vulnerability, so that we may awaken to the profound essence of our Spirit, as we release all that is false.

We shiver in Awe at Her clear, unsmiling love, and are enraptured by Her embrace, which echoes out into the Universe around us.

She reminds us of all that we have been, all that we are, and all that we CAN BE……if we open to Her with passionate surrender.

Out of the Death of our insecurities and false fears, we are Reborn into our True Selves.

It is the Time of the Crone.

HP Kerritwyn was raised Irish Catholic and searched for years for a faith path in which she could feel at home, free of the misogynistic sexism and patriarchy of her original faith trad. She found Celtic Wicca in September of 1997, joined a local coven for a while, and, in June of 1999, joined the White Moon School, which had just then been started by our founder, Luna Blanca.


Kerritwyn was elevated to an HP in the Order in December of 2000, legally ordained in 2003 after the OWM was formally incorporated as a 501 c 3 nonprofit religious corporation, and offers OWM teachings to women in The Sacred Three Goddess School, and to male-to-female transgendered seekers in the Order of the Rainbow Moon.  

In mundane life, Kerritwyn is a practicing attorney, and she is married to a biologically male transgendered partner. They live happily on 22 acres in southcentral PA. She was elected by her sister HPs on July 23, 2009 to be the President of the Board of Directors and the Spiritual Head of the Order of the White Moon.