Weekend Lunar Lovescopes for May 13 – 15

Weekend Love: Lunar Love

by Jeff Jawer

Surprising and Sexy Situations

May 13 – 15

The Moon’s entry into gracious Libra on Friday morning should signal ideal conditions for romance. This is the relationship sign that’s so good at being sweet, sociable and accommodating to others. Indecision is an occasional issue for this well-balanced sign, but now there are other planetary pressures that complicate the emotional landscape.

The Moon is opposed by unruly Uranus and squared by ornery Pluto on Friday, ruffling feathers and rattling cages. It’s easy to be upset by unexpected events, radical shifts of mood or a profound sense of alienation. It’s best to keep things simple as this may reduce the likelihood of relationship complications. Breaking free of old habits and pushing back against bullies and manipulative people are potential positive points of this cosmic environment.

Saturday’s planetary energy is somewhat quieter, allowing for the more desirable aspects of the harmonious Libra Moon to shine. Collaborating on ideas with an open mind and sharing feelings with an open heart are among its gifts.

Sunday tells a very different story with the Moon’s shift from objective Libra to passionate Scorpio in the morning. It’s a great day to indulge the senses, as lovable Venus dances into her earthy home sign Taurus and mental Mercury quickly follows to reinforce our need for comfort. Scorpio hungers for deeper connections, driving us to push harder for what we want and, perhaps, to be more upset about what we’re missing. Still, the Mercury-Venus shift into easygoing Taurus is a reminder to enjoy the simple beauty that surrounds all of us. Celebrating the intrinsic value of oneself and experiencing joy in the simple pleasures brings a bit of balance to Scorpio’s inferno of desire and could end up making this a very sexy day.