New Moon Report for Sunday, April 3 –


New Moon in Aries

Sunday, April 3, 7:32 am PDT, 10:32 am EDT

The New Moon in the first sign of the zodiac fires up restless feelings and strong desires for change. Impatience and innovation spark bright ideas that can burn out as quickly as they come if we don’t slow down to anchor them in reality. A sense of urgency is amplified by a conjunction between bold Mars and independent Uranus — both in Aries — that can provoke rebellion against rules and reason. There is genius in the air but cerebral Mercury is stuck in reverse until April 23, requiring several revisions before getting plans on track. This Sun-Moon conjunction in spontaneous Aries can free us from past inhibitions, allowing us to begin creating a radically different future.

The New Moon in Aries is the true starting point of the astrological year. While there is some danger in going too far too fast, it’s better to take chances by exploring unfamiliar territory than playing it safe. Mistakes can be corrected and other opportunities arise when we’re pro-actively pushing ahead instead of being passive now.