Spells of Domination, Persuasion, and Influence

These are among the spells that give magick a bad name: spells that convince others to do your bidding, spells that allow one to exert one’s will despite opposition, spells that enhance one’s influence beyond natural limits, spells that persuade others to bend over and ask what they can do for you.

Domination spells are not hexes: no harm is intended towards your target. Ideally everyone lives happily ever after, just according to your rules. Obedience, cooperation and compliance, perhaps a little flexibility, is the desired goal. In today magickal climate, these are not politically correct spells. Modern Wicca and Wicca-influenced magick frowns upon the entire topic of domination magick because the goal of these spells is to deprive another of free will. Practitioners of other magickal traditions might say that that’s the whole pint of spell-casting so this has evolved into a major philosophical issue within the occult community.


Domination Spell-Casting Tips

  • Domination spells are in general fueled by the inherent dominating properties of specific herbals, most notably sweet flag/calamus, licorice root, bergamot, High John the Conqueror and vetiver.

  • The other crucial component of domination spells is the intensity of the spell-caster‘s desire and desperation.

  • Purple is the color of power and dominance. Incorporate that color into candle spells or whenever appropriate.

Alphabet Divination (3) Spelling Snail

Snails can spell as well as roosters can. This divination method traditionally uses fireplace ashes. A more potent version might involve writing your queries on paper, burning them and using those ashes instead. For a quick fix method, use flour.

  1. Make a smooth, even bed of ashes or flour.

  2. Gently place a snail in the center of this bed.

  3. Allow the snail to wander as it will and leave the circle when it chooses.

  4. The shape of its trail will indicate initials, letters or images to provide your oracle.

Alphabet Divination (2) Alectromancy

Alectromancy lets a rooster choose your words for you.

  1. Make a circle using the letters of the alphabet: use chalk to mark them on the ground or cut out letters and lay them in a circle.

  2. Place an equal quantity of grain on top of each letter.

  3. Put a rooster in the center of your alphabet circle and turn him loose

  4. Observe the order in which the rooster picks up the grains. Words may be formed or suggested, providing the oracle.

Basic Courtcase Candle Spells

Brown and/or purple candles are burned for legal success and victories: brown represents justice, while purple represents power.

The most basic court case spell is as follows:

  1. Obtain an appropriate candle.

  2. Hold it in your hands, charging it with your power and desire.

  3. Carve and dress the candle as desired, and then burn it.

To dress the candle use one of the basic courthouse condition oils such as Commanding Oil or any combination of other oils you might prefer.

Broom Cleansing Spell (5)

When moving into a new home, do not bring your old broom with you. Do not use any brooms the old inhabitants may have left behind. Start with a brand new broom.

  1. Obtain a new broom to use exclusively in your new home.

  2. The first time it’s used, soak it in salted Florida Water and sweep away.