Friday Is Ruled by Venus


Friday Is Ruled by Venus

Archangel: Anael

Candle colour: Green or pink

Incenses: Rose or geranium

Crystals: Jade or rose quartz

Use Fridays for spells for love, fidelity, healing, for anything to do with beauty, the arts and crafts and for all spells concerning the environment.

Where possible, work in any enclosed beautiful place outdoors, for example a botanical garden, a field, park or your own garden – even in a circle of plants indoors.

Spell of the Day for Aug. 9: Breaking a Love Curse

Breaking a Love Curse

Many people believe that they may possibly be under a curse or spell that controls them, or prevents them from attracting a positive loving relationship. If you believe this is the case, there is a simple way to break this. First remember that the only way you are cursed, is if you Believe you are cursed. By believing this, you place more energy into creating that condition around you. So to break all this, do the following:

On a Friday night (the day of Venus) – Take a bath. Have candles lit and keep an amethyst and a rose quartz nearby. Remember to “set the mood” for a relaxing bath.

After meditating in the bath for a while, see yourself filling with white light. Notice any areas on your body (do this within your mind) where there may be a block, or a darker light – visualize as much as you can, more white light filling up those areas.

After you have done this, take the amethyst in your projective hand – and place alll you disappointments, jealousy, hate and sadness into it. See in your mind, and feel your emotions completely, let it all out, into the stone. When you have had just about as much as you can with this, drop the stone into the water and stand up. Let the drain out, seeing the water go down, and wipe the water down, off your body with your hands. As you do this, see all the chains that have bound you, the curse you feel or the pain you have suffered being wiped away and draining with the water. See the stone you dropped into the water emptying all that energy you placed into it, down into the drain.

Pick up your rose quartz, and say something like this:

“Now that I am cleansed of hate. Love can come to me, don’t wait!”

Holding the rose quartz in your hand, feel the energy from the stone, and visualize love and happiness in your life. Know that you are free from binding chains and spells. KNOW that you have love in your life. See it as if it has already come to you, and feel the emotion of love within you. The curse is broken. Carry the stone with you, to remind you of your freedom and the love you have in your life.