Today Is Tuesday – Tiw’s Day

Today Is Tuesday – Tiw’s Day

“Tiw’s Day” or “Tyrsdagar” in Old Norse (Tuesday) represents spirit of justice discipline and integrity

Although, Tiw, Tyr, Tiwaz was a Sky God of war and battle. He is also the God of justice. When all else failed, you would want him on your side in battle because to have him on your side inevitably meant victory.

The Rune to use on this day is the arrow that points straight up, referred to as Tiw0 (OE), Tyr (ON), or Tiwaz (G). When things are not going exactly your way or you are still dragging from the weekend, remember that this Rune can be used in positive situations for the good of all concerned. It is a powerful Rune and should be used wisely. It enables you to have a good positive outlook in general and encourages well-being and good health. When the copier fails, machinery breaks down or the car will not start use the Rune Tiw!