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Autumn Comments & GraphicsConcept of Deity

I think it is always interesting to hear people’s thoughts on deity. Depending on your point of view, your thoughts on deity can be quite varies. I once read a quote that said “If you ask 10 Wiccans about their religion you will get 15 different answers”, I have found this to be very true. Just as we all are individuals and very different, so are our views. There are monotheistic Wiccans, who believe in a supreme being; and consider the Goddess and God the feminine and masculine aspect of a single deity. And there are duo theistic Wiccans, who worship the God and Goddess as separate beings. Then there are polytheistic Wiccans, who recognize the existence of many Gods and Goddess.

There are some that take the stance that all gods are one god. The One is the all encompassing unity of all things which exist; the divine creator of all life and existence. The One is infinite to a point that the human mind simply cannot comprehend its vastness. The One goes by many names and many faces, but is essentially the same Supreme Being; called by whatever name.

Along those same lines, some believe that there is one Supreme Being, but because there is much difficulty in relating to it, they link with that force through their deities. And in accordance with the principles of nature, the Supreme Being is personified into two beings; the Goddess and the God. There is a balance in nature, so it is natural that their also be the same balance in deity. They believe that every deity that receives worship exists within the God and Goddess; and that the different pantheons of deities are simply aspects of the two.

When envisioning the Goddess and God, may Wiccans see them as well-known deities from ancient religions. Many of these deities, with their corresponding histories, rites and mythic information, furnish the concept of deity for Wiccans. Some feel comfortable associating such names and forms with the Goddess and God, feeling that they can’t possibly revere nameless divine beings. Others find a lack of names and costume a comforting lack of limitations. They have been given so many names they have been called the Nameless Ones. In appearance they look exactly as we wish them to, for they’re all the deities that ever were.

Sometimes a particular deity or even a small group of deities will make themselves known to an individual or even a group. Sometimes they will make themselves known through dreams, divinatory tools or in other ways in our daily life. Other times they find themselves pulled towards a particular deity, and give them preference over the other deities.

To know your deity you must make contact with them. Talk to them and be sure to listen to their answers. Talk to others about them, and look for the deity’s signature in everything around you. If you watch carefully you will see them in all things around you. As you begin to tune into their voices, you will realize that they were speaking to you all along; you just didn’t stop and notice.

The Magical Circle Newsletter: Mabon
Collen Criswell


Elder’s Meditation of the Day August 1

Elder’s Meditation of the Day August 1

“Everyone got to find the right path. You can’t see it so it’s hard to find. No one can show you. Each person got to find the path by himself.”

–Charlie Knight, UTE

There are certain times in our lives when a voice whispers to us. The voice doesn’t always talk. Usually we hear it best when we are sick and tired of being sick and tired. Inside of every person is the knowledge that a Supreme Being exists. Sometimes a restlessness occurs and it makes me feel I need to be doing something or I need to be going somewhere or maybe I start wondering who am I? Often when this happens, I feel lost. Inside of everyone is the natural, built-in desire to be walking the Red Road, or to be seeking a relationship with the Creator. No one can force us to make this journey. We must make this journey because we want to. This journey is not on the outside. The path is inside of ourselves. It is inside that we must begin our search.

Oh Great Spirit, help me this day to look within myself. If trouble arises, let me realize that it’s not what is going on but how I am looking at what’s going on. Give me Your power this day to conduct myself according to Your way of life.