Daily Feng Shui Tip for May 26th – ‘Sally Ride Day’

She lived her dreams of becoming one of the first female explorers in space. The energies of this day honor Dr. Sally Ride, mission specialist aboard the second flight of the Space Shuttle Challenger. On ‘Sally Ride Day’ we celebrate the fact that Sally rode off into the sunset and the sunrise on June 18, 1983. In fact, Ride’s breaking of the proverbial glass ceiling has given millions of inventive women inspiration and motivation. But Sally had a lot of help along the way towards achieving her goals. If you have a dream and are looking to enlist the assistance of beneficial people, then place an empty glass or crystal bowl in the Helpful People area of your main floor. This effort symbolizes your receptivity to any sort of helpful connections while also promising to bring invisible assistance from the cosmos. It’s even better if you can identify the people who can help make your dreams come true. Put their business cards or their names written on a piece of paper (one separate piece for each benefactor) inside the empty bowl and watch how the universe manifests a meeting. Just be sure to clean out the bowl and the names periodically so that new and better connections can help you to soar to new heights! And by shining a bright light on this same area you can hasten all efforts at taking off! Now you’re ready for one sweet ride of your own!

By Ellen Whitehurst for Astrology.com

Astronomy Picture of the Day for Jan. 1

Astronomy Picture of the Day

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2012 January 1
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To Fly Free in Space


Explanation: At about 100 meters from the cargo bay of the space shuttle Challenger, Bruce McCandless II was farther out than anyone had ever been before. Guided by a Manned Maneuvering Unit (MMU), astronaut McCandless, pictured above, was floating free in space. McCandless and fellow NASA astronaut Robert Stewart were the first to experience such an “untethered space walk” during Space Shuttle mission 41-B in 1984. The MMU works by shooting jets of nitrogen and has since been used to help deploy and retrieve satellites. With a mass over 140 kilograms, an MMU is heavy on Earth, but, like everything, is weightless when drifting in orbit. The MMU was replaced with the SAFER backpack propulsion unit.