When the moon is in a waning phase, write on white parchment paper (or whatever you
have) the full name of the person you want to move, along with birth date if known.
Roll up the paper, with a photo if you have one, place inside a bottle of vinegar, then
toss into a body of running water, visualize your enemy moving away as the bottle
is washed away.


Happy Thursday to you, my dear friends!

Ok, I confess I like the fairy, lol! I am stopping by and staying for a while. I have written an intro for today once. Dummy saw were she hadn’t authorized Facebook today. I clicked the button. Then I remember I had written this post and hadn’t published it yet. So guess what? It disappeared on me. And it was so good too. One of the best intros I had ever written, lmao!

One of the points, I want to re-write is what I have been thinking about. I want your opinion and comments about it too. I have been thinking about opening a new blog. It won’t be anything like this one. It will be geared to a specific subject. I was thinking about crystals. I was looking through my papers and books and I have enough info on them. So much in fact, I can’t do them justice here. Now what do you think? Is there another subject that needs to be addressed specifically? Would you visit a new crystal blog? Do we need it? Hey, your my family, I like to run my new ideas by ya’.

Come on, I want to hear your comments and opinions,

With marbles loose,

Lady A