Deity of the Day for June 22nd – Olwen, Welsh Goddess

Deity of the Day


Welsh Goddess

(Welsh) [O-loon] Also Olwyn. A daughter of the king of the Giants, Ysbadadden. Her name means “the golden wheel”, which makes some see her as an opposing force to Arianrhod of “the silver wheel”. Her other nickname was “Lady of the White Tracks” because wherever she walked the trefoil plants commonly called shamrocks would pop up. This indicated that she may have been a Triple Goddess unto herself with several other associations long lost to us.

The hero Culhwch was a suitor of Olwen’s who went on a mythic journey to find her after her father, who knew he would die if their marriage took place, hid her. In this part of the myth she is the May Queen, a partner of the new sacrificial God who takes the place of the old one

Olwen also had adventures in faeryland after she was captured by horse riding faeries. She was rescued by her father after a year and a day of captivity. (May Queens are often linked to the faery kingdom.)

Calendar of the Moon for Sunday, May 4th

Calendar of the Moon
4 Huath/Thargelion

Arianrhod’s Day

Color: Silver
Elements: Air and water
Altar: Upon a white and silver cloth lay several silver moons, in order from new crescent to full to old moon, four white candles, and incense of myrrh.
Offerings: Clean something white.
Daily Meal: Cool white food.

Invocation to Arianrhod

Silver Wheel that spins in the sky,
Keeper of the Spiral Tower,
Keeper of deep mysteries,
Unforgiving moon that stares down
Upon our hapless dreams,
Lover of the ocean and its spirits,
Lover of the sky and its spirits,
Lady of the night horizon,
The point where starry sky touches starry sea,
We call you forth upon this day
To ask for your blessing on us,
As you blessed your son Llew Llaw Gyffes.
And even as that blessing was not easy
In forthcoming, we know that you will not
Give out your benedictions at our will.
So this we say, Lady: We have worked,
And willed, and created a dream
And made it reality, and here we stand together,
And if that is not worth something to the world,
Then nothing is. Arm us well, Lady of the Silver Wheel,
With weapons sharp and keen,
Tongue and mind of steel that yet yields
To the spear of Truth that strikes.
Bless each name that we have taken,
As you gave your son his name,
And bless us with divine inspiration
That we might bring more beauty
To the world and all its beings.

Light up the night
Light up the night
Bring your dreams into the circle



[Pagan Book of Hours]

Deity of the Day – Arianrhod

Deity of the Day



Is a major goddess in Welsh legends. Her name means “silver wheel” or “silver disk”. Legend has it that Arianrhod claimed to be a virgin, but when her virginity was tested she gave premature birth to twins – Dylan who escaped into the sea, and Lleu Llaw Gyffes who became the object of his mothers scorn.

Many Wiccans believe that Arianrhod is a noon goddess and they associate her with birth and rebirth. In some traditions she is perceived as the triple goddess – Arianrhod, Blodeuwedd and Cerridwen. She is also connected with the “Spiral Dance”.