The Witches Magick for February 13 – Don’t Give Up Spell

The Witches Magick for February 13

Don’t Give Up Spell

When nothing seems to be going right, this spell helps you hang in there until the situation inproves.

What You Will Need:

Oak flower essence (available in health food stores or online)

A piece of yellow paper

A pen or marker with red ink

A black candle

A candleholder

Matches of a lighter

A Tarot Card that represents you

The Strength Tarot Card (which signifies inner and outer strength)

The Seven of Wands Tarot Card (represent the ability to hold firm when you’re challenged or attacked)

The Star Tarot Card (represents hope)

The World Tarot Card (represents everything working out successfully)

When to Cast:

The Spell:

Put a few drops of oak flower essence under your tongue. On the paper, draw a red pentagram at least one foot in diameter. Lay it face up on your altar, a table, or another flat surface where it can remain for a period of time. Fit the candle in its holder and set it in the center of the pentagram. Light the candle.

Place the Tarot Card that represents you on the top point of the pentagram. Position the cards Strength and the Seven of Wands on the two side points of the pentagram. Put the Star and the World cards on the pentagram’s bottom two points. Gaze at the cards and allow their symbolism to imprint your subconscious with positive imagery. Feel them stimulating the courage and confidence you need to face the challenges before you. When you feel ready or start to lose your focus, extinguish the candle. Repeat this spell daily, for as long as necessary.

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