You will need:

One long red ribbon

One red candle

Rose oil

Working:-In a quiet place where you will not be disturbed.

1. During a Friday at the Venus hour, (11am or 11pm) Light and burn the red candle which you have anointed with the rose oil. Envision the image of the sort of lover or soul mate you desire. Do not aim at any specific man or you will limit the scope of the spell. Now wrap your ribbon a round your right index finger and visualize the man you wish for.

2.Place the ribbon on your forehead so that it crosses your 3rd eye, (between your eyebrows)Concentrate and `see` your love with all your energy.-His looks, his eyes, his voice. Hold the image of this man in your mind and ask him to think sweet, loving thoughts of you.

3. Think of all the thoughts you want him to `send` you and try to hold them for 5 minutes.Burn the candle and do this spell for 10 minutes at the eleventh hour on a Friday(morning and evening) The harder you concentrate your energy and the more often you try this spell the better the results will be. `Send` no negative messages!

Lady A’s Specialty of the Day – Kick the Habit Spell – Addiction Spell

MagicKick the Habit Spell

Addiction Spell

You will need:
⦁ Cinnamon
⦁ Ginger
⦁ Chili powder
⦁ Charcoal disk
⦁ A red candle
⦁ A black candle
⦁ Sage
⦁ An empty pack of cigarettes (or whatever bad habit you’re trying to overcome)
⦁ Matches
⦁ A bowl

Prepare your working space however you normally do. If you’re going to cast a circle, go ahead. Likewise, if you call upon deities, now would probably be the time to do so. I did this on the first night after the lunar eclipse, but any time during the waning moon would work.

Light the red candle. Say, “Red is the color of strength, red is the color of power. I have the strength to kick this habit, day by day, hour by hour.”

Light the black candle. Say, “Black is the color that sends things away, and gives me the strength to kick this today.”

Working between the two candles, mix the cinnamon, ginger and chili powder together, grinding them until they are powdery. Place the charcoal disc in your bowl, and sprinkle the cinnamon mixture on top of it. Light the charcoal.

You should have a nice burning pile of ground herbs now. Slowly tear the cigarette package (without the cellophane) into small pieces. As you tear the paper, close your eyes and visualize the nicotine and tar leaving your body(or for drug addiction, the drug). Picture your lungs(drugs – body) changing from black and icky to pink and healthy.

Place the torn pieces in the bowl with the burning charcoal. Light a match, and place it in there so that the torn cigarette pack begins to burn as well. It may not stay lit, but try to get it to burn a little bit. Say, “I burn what has no control over me. The addiction is gone, and I will be free.”

Light the sage, and smudge the area around your work space. You are cleansing yourself of the effects of the bad habit, and freeing your body and soul from the addiction. Particularly smudge the area over the bowl with the burning cigarette pack in it. Say, “Within me is the strength, no doubt, and with sage I cleanse the air without.”

Place your smudging sage in the bowl as well, and take a moment to reflect. This working is not about the habit itself, but about your rejection of the addiction. Realize that you will physically – and psychologically — no longer need the habit.

Allow everything in the bowl to burn out on its own. If possible, allow the candles to burn out on their own as well.

Spell by Patti
Website: Everything Under The Moon

Healing Flames

Healing Flames

This spell is for healing an illness, disease, boo-boo or whatever is physically wrong with you.

You Will Need:

a red candle

paper and pencil

a heat proof container

Optional: healing oil/herbs

The Spell:

Draw a picture of yourself with the illness, disease etc.

Illustrate the problem …if you have a headache draw a hammer on your head or a nail in your forehead, worms for a virus etc.

Charge your red candle with healing energy (don’t forget to cast a small circle first)

Take your picture and light the edge on fire. as you see it starting to burn, imagine the pain (disease etc) leaving your body.

Obviously it’s going to get pretty hot, then drop it into the heat proof container (your cauldron should work nicely) now draw another picture of yourself, healed, better, happy.

Place this picture under the candle and let the candle burn down.

If you’re like me and you hate to let candles burn down, simply leave it lit long enough to meditate on your purpose.