Weekly LightBlast: Foretelling Futures

Weekly LightBlast: Foretelling Futures

a message from Jamye Price
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As you embark on your year of creative power, you are focusing part of your energy from your now moment into your Future. This has been a nebulous pursuit from the human perspective, for the functionality of your heart/mind has not been taught as valuable to the future beyond its ability to put action into order for creation.

Even those that believe it to be powerful do not often fully trust the mechanism, for it is not as understood as action creating result. To feed someone that is hungry is obviously valuable. Yet for those that do not understand the power of the mind/heart complex – to Love that same person and see their beauty and capability is a lovely gesture, but ineffective for results.

As you begin to honor the entire process of creation, from invisible vibration of thought and emotion, into visible participation of your choices and actions; you are utilizing your full creative potential. Humanity does this automatically, for they observe, think, compare and choose. Yet most are not taught the creative power of the thinking and feeling mechanism (intentionally singular because they work together). Therefore, humanity does not control their thoughts or feelings as they control their actions, for the actions are seen as contributing to the final result.

In your recent years there has been much support for Lightworkers to cleanse, strengthen and focus the heart and mind. This support has often felt like the wringing of a rag as you were squeezed free of vibration that blocked your Love flow. This year of creative power will take you to another level of Self Love as you begin to focus your creation of Ascended Self into form.

Your empowerment is your ability to not only maintain your inner world, but to choose its focus. There is no other that can truly do this for you. It is the domain of the individual and it is your work as you create. Your future depends on it for manifestation.

The Future is merely your past and your now focused through your perspective. Your perspective is like a beam of light illuminating potential into form. That is the nature of your holographic experience. You Foretell your Future into form with your thoughts, your feelings and your actions.

Your work is to focus your perspective on creation for the Self, for each empowered individual must learn to do so. It is your Future to Foretell. With a moment of deep, empowered Love, visualize yourself empowered and creative. No details, just empowered and creative. As you are empowered and creative, you offer it to all you meet. It is part of your service to the world.

As we sit to Blast Foretelling Futures, we are focusing our potent beam of Love into the Loving future of humanity. We are initializing a new holographic potential as we illuminate the positive potential of any negative experience. We are letting go of the focus on the negative that dims the understanding of its wisdom. We are becoming strong enough to handle the negative and wise enough to foster the positive. We are seeing the Light of Love clearly, even as we choose a path of the unknown, for our power to create is becoming known within. Blast on!



Principles of Divine Logic

Principles of Divine Logic

Author: Katessa Harkey

How does a Witch decide what he believes?

I have long been on the problem of discerning the actual Truth, by which I mean to say, that which is at the core of a matter, person, spirit, legend, God, or any other representation of the Source, (the originating causative) in this world of personal experience. It is ever thus that I find myself stuck between a yes and a no, because arguments can be made for so many cases.

Any postulation must, of necessity, come from our own personal experience, and thus will have certain commonalities with the actual Truth. The absence of this property is called madness in the common vernacular. However, to the madman who deludes himself that the entire world be covered every inch in demons of all sorts, your lack of terror is itself madness.

To restate, the perspective of the postulant is both influenced by and different from the Truth.

I believe that I may have stumbled onto a process, if you will, for moving towards a greater singularity of perspective with Truth. By processing a postulation in a specific, consistent manner on a regular basis, recording and comparing results, and reprocessing the comparative results received one may arrive at a greater sympathy of perspective so significant to the Seeker after Truth.

Bearing in mind that this is by no means a set formula for rote, but a means of considering mystical ideas and arriving at useful rungs in a long ladder of understanding, I present it to you.

First, one must divest himself of as many unnecessary perceptions as possible, and from amongst the wheat that has been violently separated from the chaff, find by trial and error the kernel of Truth. Upon lifting a kernel up for examination, one may have such a postulation, as “Truth is determinable.” One then begins to consider its fractal presumptions and ramifications.

First, the Seeker asks of the kernel, “Who were your assumptive forbears?” and, if he finds no fault in the parents, asks after the progeny. Of course, this process must be repeated on the whole lineage before a status of affirmation ought to be levied, but there are certain expediencies of non-infinity.

Therefore, once the Seeker has satisfied himself to the best of his judgment as to relative authenticity, but never establishing dogma, compares it to other such postulations. Many a time these “affirmed postulations” will seem contradictory, or breed contention amongst their united progeny.

There are two possible answers to this confoundity: one that there was a flaw in the Seeker’s application of this Divine Logic, and he affirmed something falsely; the other that he has actually reached the pinnacle of the practice, which is Paradox: one has reached a form of Truth so high that human understanding breaks down.

Within the fundaments of the process itself are many such postulations, and it would seem beneficent therefore to study them by means of the process described, so as to establish (to the best of human understanding) self-consistency.

The first postulation is that there is such a thing as Truth; and within, that of an originating causative of which the Truth is postulated to be an avatar. Another such contained is that the Truth is not the same as personal experience.

To the first, the implications of the existence of Truth are tied inextricably to the rest. If Truth, then Source. If not Truth, then what?

The Truth, if such a thing exists, must take into account not only one’s personal experience of the world, but also the experiences of all mankind, past, present or future, every animal and plant, every rock, planet, star, emotion, law of nature… in short, the whole of existence. Because humans in their mayfly existence cannot even begin to fathom such complexity, one has only a piece of the Truth.

However, because one is amongst those things that the Truth must account for one does indeed have a piece, however small.

From the perspective of Truth, every individual serves some purpose to its fulfillment. Therefore, even ones most mundane actions can be seen, from his own perspective, as action or inaction with purpose. The Seekers actions will have ramifications for the rest of his fellow particles of Truth, and will in turn reverberate back to him through a changed existence.

It would be foolish to say that one should then fear action as it runs the risk of detriment, because ones sheer being has the same possibility. Furthermore, one does not have the perspective to know whether any given action or non-action is detrimental to existence at large, or only the part of the elephant he has a hand on. Sometimes one must skin ones knee to avoid a car accident.

This does not alleviate the Seeker from ethical standards. If we are to live together in a community of any kind, we must treat one another with a certain level of mutual respect, or be forced to altar the standard of behavior over-all, to re-define our social mores to the degree of barbarism.

As we have evolved through natural processes into social creatures that find our greatest strength in unity, and natural processes are amongst those things included in the Truth, it is wise to accept this role as a part of our unique human perspective on the Truth.

Additionally, anti-social behavior tends to lead to isolation and/or actual confinement, which may or may not help the Seeker on his path toward the Truth.

As to an originating causative, there is certainly support in modern physics for the theory of beginning. If there were no beginning, then one must be prepared to accept an unbroken continuity of existence (as it is understood) to infinity in both directions.

However, there is no reason to affirm that this universe is the first or even only current one in existence. Before our “big bang” was there another “big crunch” to make way for it? Mustn’t the Truth also account for this?

Conversely, if this is the first such universe, before it must have been nothingness, an absence of all and thus a state of infinite possibility. This state would also have to be accounted for by Truth.

Either way, from nothingness or a former collapsed reality, there must have been some event that preceded all others. Perhaps conscious, perhaps not, perhaps beyond anything resembling human consciousness to such a degree that, were one to encounter it, one would assume it dumb, blind, perhaps even non-sentient.

There is not enough information to state anything with certainty about what the Source was, but one can know certain things about it by studying its effects: this existence.

One could draw these considerations out further, but for the sake of brevity I will assume the careful reader sees the nature of the process. It may be restated very simply after this manner: a Seeker may obtain greater sympathy of personal experience with the Truth by examining his individual assumptions regarding it and by comparing them with other such assumptions for consistency and paradox, with the understanding that the greatest teachers he will ever have are the paradoxes.

Soul Connection: The Means to Finding Your Life Purpose

Soul Connection: The Means to Finding Your Life Purpose
Author: Colleen Deatsman

There is quite a bit of talk these days about “self”, and what that means, in metaphysics and the popular media. In all of these forums and disciplines, a person is divided within themselves in one of a number of different ways. Most disciplines have these divisions designated with terms coined by their founders or adherents. Id-ego-superego and mind-feelings-emotions-spirit are examples of such divisions. But it really boils down to what can be called the “small-s-self”, the workaday self through which we interact with the world, and the “big-S-self”, our authentic or transcendent self. All these words and divisions are substitutes for the traditional terms ego and soul, respectively.

It has further been observed that humans appear to manifest on this plane as beings consisting of body, mind, and spirit. In all the philosophies and disciplines that we know of, the mind purportedly controls the body, strategizing and acting in the world, while the spirit or soul observes the journey, accumulating the “good” and “bad” from life, seemingly acting as the immortal scorecard of our deeds.

Oddly enough, it is the soul in these disciplines that is held to be the human element, which passes on from life to life or, in some belief systems, to an after life. We refer to ourselves by saying; “I have” a mind and body and that “I have” a soul. The relevant question here is: Who is it that has these three things? Who is the “I” that stands outside of body, mind, and soul when we make these proprietary statements?

We are missing the relevant truth by glossing over it. If the soul is eternal, and the body is ephemeral, it follows that the soul has a purpose in occupying this body and utilizing this mind at this time. The truth here shines clear. We don’t “have” a soul; we are a soul having a human experience for a particular reason. There is a lot involved in getting born and occupying a body in this world, after all, so the soul must have an agenda if it is to go to all that trouble to be here. The new question then becomes: What is my soul’s agenda? What is my purpose in life?

The key to finding the answer to this question is to get in direct contact with the subtle energies of the soul in order to then understand our life purpose. This is a three-step process. The first step is to shift our perspective from the self-involved egoic personality with all its frantic needs and machinations, to the slow, smooth perspective of soul.

The second step is to harmonize ourselves with the soul’s subtle energy, allowing it to flow through us unfettered by pettiness, strife or our own personal history. The third step is then to act in the world from the powerful place of soul. At that point we will have begun to actualize the performance of the soul’s agenda, our life purpose.

The First Step: Getting Out of the Way

When we are born, we are a blank slate. We stare out at the world from the perspective of pure soul. Because the soul uses the body and mind to interface with the physical world, we have to learn how all that works. Over the course of the next twenty-one years or so, we are filled, like a computer, with the programs that provide the needs for our survival along with the opinions, perceptions, preferences, behaviors, rules, protocols, and expectations of our various family, friends, schools, churches, and society. By the end of this process, the gross stimuli of the dense physical world are the only things that capture our attention. The still small voice of the soul is drowned out by the clamor of the world and our own programming. Our job then becomes to clear a pathway from consciousness, through the resident programming, back to the soul. The two elements of this step are re-programming the behaviors that do not serve us, and the combined discipline of reclamation and recapitulation.

Reprogramming occurs when we recognize and change one of the behaviors or issues in our life we find distracting, confusing, self-defeating, or in the way. Then, we seek out their origins, where they came from, and mentally and emotionally “change” them using the technique of reclamation and recapitulation. This last step requires that we remember the original events in their entirety, seeking out the feelings, emotions and ultimately the beliefs that hold these issues or behaviors in place. Once that is finished, we can dissolve those beliefs and substitute new ones, or we can fully free up the machinery of our being by just letting them go.

This combined technique alters the programming, but also repairs the energy body, reserving our personal energy for our use, rather than for maintaining a disadvantageous behavior. The following is a sample of the Psyche Inventory, a technique designed to dig out a particular behavior and it’s origins during the technique of reclamation and recapitulation.

Typically, you would start by creating a timeline of your life, filling in all of your memorable life events and occurrences. For our purposes here, pick a single memory that has had lasting repercussions in your life, preferably one that is emotionally charged or one where you still feel caught. The Psyche Inventory process requires you to write down everything you can remember about the event.

What happened? Who else was involved and what were your and the other’s actions, intentions, emotions, feelings, and thoughts during the event? Looking deeper, what were the causal factors of the event and what were the changes in you that issued from the event? Did you lose a part of yourself in this instance? Was anything taken from you or did you take something from someone else that needs to be returned?

After this detailed analysis, sit quietly, with eyes closed, and put yourself back in the situation in your mind’s eye, imagining it in precise detail. Give back and receive what was lost or stolen. Forgive and be forgiven. Re-imagine the event in a way that produces a more desirable outcome for you and everyone involved.

Feel with certainty the resolution of this event and the freedom you feel with its closure. Open your eyes and return to the present. From now on, set this event aside. You are finished with it, free to live your life unaffected by the memory or the issues and energetic drain these created.

Obviously, a more detailed and thorough approach, along with ongoing maintenance and monitoring of this process is recommended, but this brief example provides an illustration of the concept. When enough of the resident programming is moved out of the way using this method, the reconnection to soul is automatic and produces a profound shift in awareness and perspective.

The Second Step: Staying in Harmony

Any wise person with even a little experience will tell you that enlightenment is not durable, especially in the beginning stages of self-actualization. Once you are connected to your soul and are oriented to the world from it, the resident ego begins its fight of attrition as it slowly dissipates over time, energetically aligning itself with your new soul-centered orientation. During this period you will notice extensive swings from soul to mind to emotion and back again. It’s just as well, really, because it’s the observable difference between these varied states of awareness that help you sit up and take notice of where you are and where you want to be.

Once you have experienced the consuming clarity and slow brilliance of your soul, you need to find a way to remain in that state of heightened awareness. There are many ways to do this, each discipline has it’s methodology, but the best methods always utilize energy movement as well as some form of meditation. The energy movement will keep you clear and clean and allow you to monitor and fortify the boundaries of your energy body.

Meditation gives you perspective. It allows you to step to one side and get a good look at what you are doing and what is going on in your life. For millennia, shamans have utilized a technique called journeying that has proven to be particularly helpful with this necessary perspective shift.

Rhythmic drumming is employed as a sonic driver to push the individual out of everyday consciousness. That simple act is enough to deliver perspective, but the shamanic journey goes one better and utilizes the individual’s connection to soul to gain added and intense insight as well. The following is an example of a shamanic journey that incorporates healing energy movement.

Close your eyes and relax. Send your awareness around and through the inside of yourself and notice what is happening in your body and energy field. Allow yourself to feel what your body feels. Pay attention to each organ and each system, noticing its color, energy, and pulsating rhythm. Now allow yourself to feel what your energy field feels. Pay attention to each chakra layer. See, sense, and feel how your body and energy field work together. Send the inquiring part of your mind into your body and energy field and ask them to “talk” to you and listen to their response. Hear and feel what is being communicated.

Carry on a conversation with each layer of your energy field, each individual chakra, and each cell, organ, and system of your body, and ask them to communicate with you. See, sense and feel if you have any energy imbalances, blockages, or areas where the energy flow is sluggish. If you do, explore the issues surrounding your imbalanced, blocked, or weak energy flow. Listen.

Now send attention and energy to the areas that need it. Feel the gathering of power as your intent floods these areas with healing life-force energy. See, sense, and feel the healing nature of this energy as it clears and revitalizes your trouble spots. Feel the change in your body and energy field as you do this.

Your inner healer is healing your body and energy field. See and feel it happening. Now slowly open your eyes, holding the images and sensations in place, noticing how you feel.

By practicing a regular discipline of energy cleansing/movement and meditation/journeying, while staying on top of programs that are running your life, you can maintain your constant connection to soul and even enhance it over time.

Part Three: Acting From the Soul

After you have done the heavy lifting of rewriting the programs, and subsequently maintained and broadened your connection to your soul through energy work and journeying/meditation, you find things changing in your life. There is an extensive re-ordering of priorities that takes place as you begin to address the world from your soul connection.

Your thoughts grow quiet as you find less need to hold your old reality in place with the way you talk to yourself and your mind chatter. The conversations you have with others are increasingly substantive. You begin to make a profound difference with what you say and do as your words and actions resound with truth and authenticity. As this happens, you soon notice a pattern that is strangely familiar to you. You will resonate with it.

You realize then that your soul has been quietly trying to express itself through your resident programming for many years, but was not coming through clearly due to your own lack of clarity and soul connection.

It is then you will see the shape that your soul’s purpose has been trying to get your life to take. At that point you will no longer be a divided being, made up of body, mind and spirit, big-S-self and small-s-self, or any other separation. You will have become a unified being, a brilliant soul moving as a force in the world, fulfilling your intended purpose.

How Magic Can Save the World

How Magic Can Save the World

Author:   Tess Whitehurst 

The world appears to be in dire straights. The environment is suffering, species are becoming extinct at an alarming rate, in many parts of the world food and clean water are scarce, and, to top it all off, humans are killing each other. And for just about every imaginable challenge, there are people scrambling to help. We’re recycling, petitioning, protesting, studying, raising awareness, preserving, debating, and donating.

But how can we work holistically toward positive change? How do we get at the cause of all these imbalances, rather than jumping headlong into the mad dash of damage control?

Simple. We do what magical folk do. We shift consciousness. Interestingly, our magical perspective is exactly what the holistic health practitioner ordered. To illustrate, here are some basic magical precepts that can help heal the world.

•Everything is connected, and everything is divine. If everyone very deeply understood that every single thing is interwoven in a complex web of existence, and that all of existence is a part of the divine, there would be no one engaging in activities that caused plants or animals to become compromised or extinct.
•The Earth is our Mother. To us, this is literal, not figurative. Imagine how lovingly our Mother would be treated if everyone understood this as we do.
•Whatever you send out comes back to you multiplied. What you do to someone else, you do to yourself. Mass acceptance of this precept would actually (finally!) give peace a chance.
•We are empowered to change our consciousness in order to create positive shifts in our own lives. When everyone really and truly realizes their true power, they will no longer chase the imaginary power promised by things like greed, violence, hatred, or exploitation.

In the early 1970’s, James Lovelock, the scientist who formulated the Gaia Hypothesis, summarized what people like us already knew: that Planet Earth is a complex, living, breathing organism. Peter Russell took it one step further in his book The Global Brain when he proposed that while rainforests are the lungs and the atmosphere is the circulatory system, humans are the information processors, or in other words, the brain cells.

The brain cells in a fetus or an infant are the same as adult brain cells. They just have not yet formed as many pathways or connections between each other so they cannot function efficiently as a unified whole. Then, little by little, they build connections and begin to redefine themselves as not only one small part of a brain, but as one small part of an entire organism. Similarly (Peter Russell notes) , humans are beginning to form more and more connections and pathways between each other. For example, with one Facebook post, we can communicate instantly with our entire, perhaps global, circle of friends. Or, with one YouTube video, we can conceivably reach several million people within a matter of months.

So, from a macrocosmic perspective, the global brain (AKA the human race) is rapidly evolving to the stage when it can more easily recognize itself as the consciousness and nerve center of a living, breathing, and harmoniously self-sustaining organism. This evolution, if it moves in the most positive direction possible, is what Albert Einstein was hoping for when he wrote:

“A human being is part of the whole, called by us ‘universe, ‘ a part limited in time and space. He experiences himself, his thoughts and feelings, as something separate from the rest — a kind of optical delusion of consciousness. This delusion is a kind of prison for us, restricting us to our personal desires and to affection for a few persons nearest to us.

Our task must be to free ourselves from this prison by widening our circle of compassion to embrace all living creatures and the whole of nature in its beauty…We shall require a substantially new manner of thinking if humanity is to survive.”

At this stage in history, it’s easier than it ever has been before for us to create a “new manner of thinking” by setting in motion a magical tsunami of consciousness shifting. But how?

First, we walk our talk. We purify our motives so that they are about love and service. We meditate, we purify and shield our energetic bodies, and we perform ritual and engage in prayer in order to connect with the Divine. We spend time in nature to remind ourselves of beauty, of the rich and vital inner lives and personalities of plants and animals, and of our connection to the whole.

We forgive others and ourselves as we bravely work through old issues and limiting beliefs. We release rigidity of belief and embrace flexibility, openness, and inclusion. We send the energy of love out into the world through our thoughts, feelings, and visualizations. We pray for world peace and perform rituals for planetary healing.

And then, from this place of deep love and integrity, we give gifts to the world from our hearts. We ask our hearts: “what do you want to give?” It might be a painting, a movie, an article, a status update, a specific type of volunteer work, a compliment, a smile, a speech, an idea, or a new way of doing things. We give freely every day, in every situation, as we feel guided, dedicating every single gift we give to the Goddess (or God, or patron deity) and to the healing of the world.

We generously shine our unique light, perspectives, and ideas into the world, knowing that as we do, we are not only increasing our own joy and prosperity (because whatever you send out comes back to you multiplied) , we are also shifting the tide of energy, bringing the cells of the global brain into harmonious unity, and channeling our collective magical energy toward saving the world.

“If powerful men and women
could remain centered in the Tao,
all things would be in harmony.
The world would become a paradise.
All people would be at peace,
And the law would be written in their hearts.”

-The Tao te Ching translated by Stephen Mitchell

Your Ancient Symbol Card for Aug. 30 (don’t run) is Death

Your Deck of Ancient Symbols Card for Today


Death is definitely not a card to shy away from. It does not foretell your impending doom. However it does suggest a period of change and the turbulence that often comes with it are on the horizon. We may not always welcome change, but invariably we must change to grow. Sometimes we have to shed some of the comfort ability of who we are today to embrace the adventure of  who we will be tomorrow. Death is the prophecy of such times.

As a daily card, Death tells you that changes need to be made in order for you to move smoothly along your life’s journey. When seen as a daily card, it is likely the changes indicated are on the order of “minor adjustments” in your day to day routine.