Your Animal Spirit for Jan. 27th is The Black Swan

Your Animal Spirit for Today
January 27, 2014

Black Swan

Wherever the Black Swan appears in your reading you can expect unexpected and unpredictable events to majorly impact your life in that aspect.  Beyond noting that the influences Black Swan indicates will be extraordinarily large in scope, it may be difficult to tell if the fortune it foretells will be good or bad.  Black Swan affected events may begin so subtly that they are very difficult to identify.  When trying to discover what the Black Swan portends for you, look for events that do not occur in your life regularly or at all.

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Hemlock Hex

Hemlock Hex

Henlock is another very poisonous plant, handle with extreme care, if you must handle it at all.

Write the person’s name on a piece of paper; this is most powerful if using hand-crafted magickal ink or drops of blood from your smallest finger. Tie the paper around a piece of hemlock and bury.