New Year’s Resolutions for Cats

New Year’s Resolutions for Cats


If you think New Year’s resolutions are for people only, think again. My  three cats, Rikki Tikki Tabby, Mr. Mittens, and Sushi have been thinking good  and hard about how they can be better, happier cats. Here are their individual  lists:


Rikki Tikki Tabby

1. Take more naps.

2. Stop chasing birds.

3. Take more naps.

4. Be nice to mice.

5. Spend more quality time with Mr. Mittens — especially in the form of  naps.


Mr. Mittens

1. Ease off the catnip.

2. Drink less cream.

3. Refrain from walking across my human’s keyboard while she is blogging.

4. Stop shredding the newspaper before 8 am.

5. Make a viral video of me and Rikki doing something fiendishly feline.




1. No scratching my human’s favorite leather chair.

2. No scratching the humans, especially the little noisy ones.

3. Leave the goldfish in his bowl.

4. Amass a huge following on Facebook.

5. No hair balls on expensive Persian rugs.


So you see, the cats indeed take the coming of the new year very seriously —  that is in between their cat naps, catnip and bowls of cream!