Really Quick, The First Winner of October’s Raffle Is…


While everyone is waiting for us to get our act together, let me announce the first winner of October’s Raffle………


Bobbie Lopez!

Bobbie will have the first pick of the three items up for raffle. Then we will announce the second winner. That person will have his/her pick of the two remaining items. So you could still be a winner! Keep those fingers crossed!

Again Congratulations, Bobbie!

Let us know which item you would like and what address you want it shipped to. You can contact us at:

After we hear from Bobbie, we will announce the second winner!


The Time To Get Your Raffle Tickets Is Slowly Slipping Away……

No, I ain’t here this early, yet, keyword “yet,” lol! I forgot to remind you of something yesterday. While I was thinking about it, I figured I needed to go ahead and do it.


Time is starting to slip away on this month’s Raffle Items. To recap:

Lovely 50mm crystal ball with wooden stand
Get Ticket At "Raffle For A Cause Page"
Beautiful Silver Chalice
Beautiful Gold Pendulum for Divination

Since this is our holiday season and we have more items up for Raffle, there will be two winners this month. Yes, you heard me right! Two winners! So don’t let this chance pass you by. I know for a fact you ain’t going to find any other place to let you name your own price on a crystal ball. Take a chance, go for it, get your ticket today!

For more details, visit the link below:

Thank you so much for your continued support!