The Circulation of the Body of Light

The Circulation of the Body of Light

The energy used in the Circulation of the Body of Light is very powerful and
best used for self-healing.

Start by doing the Relaxation Ritual, the Lesser Banishing Ritual of the
Pentagram, and the Middle Pillar Ritual, but do not visualize the Middle Pillar

STEP ONE: While keeping the visualization of the Middle Pillar, refocus your
attention on the white brilliance just above your head. Visualize this
brilliance in a state of extreme strength, needing to radiate out even more
energy. Visualize it sending a current of energy down into the head and to the
left shoulder. Let this energy pass down the left side of your body to your left
foot. Feel it move to your right foot, up the right side of your body, to your
head, and back up into the brilliance.

This motion should be synchronized with your breath. When you exhale, feel the
energy go down your left side. When you inhale, feel the energy go up your
right side. You should have the sensation of a circle of energy swirling around
you. Move the energy, with your breath, in six to ten cycles. Feel free to
extend the energy out further to the sides (the most common is about three feet
away from your body).

STEP TWO: This is similar to the first method, but instead of directing the
energy down one side and up the other, here you should direct the energy down
the front of your body and up the back. be sure to synchronize your breathing
so that as you exhale the energy goes down the front of your body and as you
inhale, it goes up the back, up to your head and into the brilliance. Do this
six to ten times.

STEP THREE: Re-visualize the entire Middle Pillar. This time, focus your
attention on the brilliance at your feet. From the upper right side of this
power center visualize the energy curling up in a tight spiral to the front of
the left leg. from here it continues around the back and continues moving
upward in a counter-clockwise spiral. It is as if you are being wrapped like an
Egyptian mummy, from the feet to the head. Instead of cloth, however, you are
being wrapped in energy.

You should feel a whirling of spiritual power as the pure spiritual light and
energy rises up in spirals to the brilliance above your head. When it reaches
this brilliance, you should visualize the energy exploding out like a water
fountain in all directions. This energy lands at your feet and begins to rise in
the spiral again. As you inhale, feel the energy rise towards the top, as you
exhale, feel it explode out towards your feet. Do this for six to ten cycles.
Then, take a very deep breath, and as you exhale, see the energy disappear
visually, but know that it is still there invisibly.

STEP FOUR: Finish by doing the Tarot Contemplation Ritual.