Your Charm for January 31 is The Buckle of Isis

Your Charm for Today

The Buckle of Isis

Today’s Meaning:   

Someone who will, or has told a lie about you regarding this aspect will be discovered and the truth will come out. They will suffer for their injustice and you shall prevail.

General Description:   

The blood of Isis, the virtue of Isis, the magic power of Isis, the magic power of the Eye, are protecting this the Great one; they prevent any wrong being done to him. Thus reads a portion of the 156th chapter of the Egyptian Book of the Dead, which was engraved, often with other invocations, on the Buckle of Isis amulets. Great faith was placed in the magic power of this buckle, or tie. It was believed that the wearer would be protected and guarded from every kind of evil for ever and ever.

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Good Tuesday Morning! May The Goddess' Love Shine Down On All!

Mystic Goddess who  the night

Lend your wisdom to my sight

Fiery God who lights the days

Guide me in your ancient ways


Earth and water, Fire and air

Come and lend your powers here

As we gather the circle ’round

Guard us on this holy ground


Salt and censor, scourge and knife

Aid us in our magic rite

Stay with us when we must part

Keep the Craft ‘live in our hearts

So Mote It Be