A Thought for Today

Dear Sisters, Brothers, and Honored Guests today I leave you with this thought…

One thing I would like to add to Frank Lloyd Wright’s quote is

Anywhere you go the forests, water ways, or a walk around your block take a bag with you for trash. As Pagans, which first meant peasant but as evolve to mean people who follow nature’s spiritual paths, it is our duty to pick up what others were to lazy to dispose of properly. I started out doing this on my own as my children grew old enough to take a walk outside with me and than doing the same with my grandchildren. Who passed it on to their playmates and still do it even with some of my grandchildren being over 20, a couple in college, and the others starting in grammar or pre-school. So I ask you not to think of Earth Day is only on April 22 but as it being every day of the week.

Blessed be dear ones.