WOTC Extra – Florida Water

WOTC Extra – Florida Water


Florida water is a scent that is used a lot in Hoodoo practice. It is generally used for cleansing. It can be used to wash your hands before magical or spiritual work, sprinkled around the home to cleanse negative energy, sprinkled on your altar, candles or any magical items or added to a bucket of water to wash your floors and work surfaces with.

It is called Florida water after the fountain of youth which was said to have been located in Florida.

Florida water usually has a base of citrus; this might be from sweet orange, lemon or neroli. It then often has lavender and clove added.

Let’s Talk Witch – Making Your Own Holy Water


I have asked several individuals ask me how to make “Holy Water.” I hope this answers your questions and you find it useful.

Holy Water is not a new tool to Witchcraft or Paganism, and has proven so useful in the past, that the Roman Catholic Church adapted the practice from its Pagan conquests during the early formation of Christianity.   The uses for Holy water are many, and it remains to this day a valuable tool in almost every religion. Wiccans may call it Blessed Water, and Voudons may refer to it as “Devil Water”, and Catholics may purchase it as “Florida Water”, or “Blessed Mother Mary Water” it is one in the same, ultimately, being water which has been blessed by a higher power to aid in one’s religious workings.

Although the concept behind Holy Water is the same, it’s varied uses are many.   It remains to be used in modern religions to protect, banish, heal, curse, enlighten, cleanse, purify, and the list goes on. One may be inclined to think that such a powerful potion would be hard to come by; however, it is a most simple concoction involving only a little bit of water and a lot of spiritualism.

Producing Holy Water is an act needed to be done when your spiritual attunement, and/ or awareness is high, and you are comfortable and confident about performing magic.   As a Pagan, I prefer performing this act within my circle.   When setting up your tools for this act, your necessary components will be natural flowing fresh or salt water, either from a creek, river, lake, sea, ocean, or collected rain water (tap water is not recommended).   If sea or ocean water is unavailable, you will want to add 1 teaspoon of salt to every 8 oz. of fresh water you will be blessing.   Once you have the salt water ready, place it in front of you.   Incense is actually optional in this case, but I would strongly encourage anyone to try and burn Frankincense during the blessing, if at all possible.

Frankincense has been used since the times when the God Set ruled the underworld of Ancient Egypt, and remains to be used today in many various religions, and continues to be a potent ingredient in all forms Magic. Candles are also optional in the case of Blessing water, but do help set a spiritual mood for any blessing, ceremony, spell, or incantation.   If you are pagan, you will want to lay four white candles around the circle, signifying the cardinal points of direction, and place two white candle upon your altar.

Kneel or sit in front of the bowl of salt water, and close your eyes.   Concentrate on connecting with the God and Goddess.   Ask silently or aloud, for Their assistance in producing this potion of   great power.   Explain for what it will be served for, and how you will use its power.   Proclaim your need for assistance in creating the essence of Their power to serve your religious acts.

Hold your hands over the bowl, and look above, toward the sky, and accept the power of the God & Goddess, and move it through your body, and into the bowl of water.   Continue with this procedure for a few minutes or until you feel the act has been completed, and the God & Goddess have assisted you in your workings.

Once you have completed the above, you may exit your area of worship, or casting, and prepare the water to be used in your various magical workings.   The water should be stored in an airtight container if possible, but can be stored in any bottle for short periods of time.   You will not want to keep the water for more than two weeks at a time due to bacteria.   My personal favorite storage container for my Blessed Water is a spray bottle, originally purchased for plant misting.   Spray bottles are perfect when you are performing acts which require you to expose a large area to Holy Water. They come in most handy for spirit banishing, house purifications & spiritual cleansings of large areas.

Mojo Rising Medicine Bundle

Adapted from Plant Spirit Shamanism, by Ross Heaven and Howard G. Charing (Inner Traditions, 2006).

Focusing our intention can help us to get what we need. This ancient shamanic technique uses the spirit power of plants aligned with your own desire to make a simple bundle that you carry with you. It’s like a spiritual radio, transmitting its energy and your requests to the universe and receiving the blessings that the spirits send back. Here is how to make a mojo bag to attract what you need.

Before you create a mojo bag, be clear on your intention, what you want the charm to do. Holding this intention in mind, take a walk in nature and allow yourself to be drawn to the plants that reflect your purpose. Spend a little time with them and speak to them of your needs. Request that they offer a little of themselves to help you.

The creator has given us clues to the healing and spiritual power of plants by ensuring that their outward appearances reflect their uses and intentions. Thus, the seed pods of the honesty plant, dried and relieved of their outer skins, are shining, translucent, and silver, round like coins and round like haloes. They can therefore be used to attract spiritual blessings and truth (honesty) or to draw in wealth, according to your intent.

When you take your plant materials home, dry them and then gently crush them. Mix them with a little rum, Florida Water, or essential oil and allow them to dry again.

Choose a piece of fabric in a color that corresponds to the qualities you wish to draw into your life. Colors are have traditional associations with certain energies: red with power and energy, pink with love, green for abundance, blue for peace, white for purity, and so on.

Place your plant material in the center of the fabric. You may add other objects to help: for more money, for example, add a few small coins on the homeopathic principle of like attracting like; a magnet to pull in success; a rose quartz for love, and so on. You can also write out your intention on a piece of paper and include it if you wish.

Sew up the bag or tie the bundle with a ribbon to keep the materials in place. Then smudge it with sage smoke and sprinkle it with a little Florida Water or essential oil. Carry your mojo bag with you.

Vinegar Cleanser

Vinegar Cleanser

Plain vinegar is cheap, easily obtainable and among the strongest cleansing agents of all:
1. Place a cup or bowl of vinegar in every room that need cleansing.
2. Replace weekly.
For intensified cleansing, add a square of camphor to the vinegar. To improve the fragrance, add a few drops of essential oil of frankincense, rose or sandalwood or blend with Florida Water.