GoooooD Friday Morning, dear, dear friends!

Hello World! How ya’ doing this morning? It’s Friday, almost Mabon, you have got to be doing great! Made any plans for this weekend? I think I am leaving town, lol! Suppose to have company from Florida. They want to spend a few days with me. I really don’t do “come and never leave” company too good. I like the company that comes, stays a few hours then leaves. That is good company. I guess since the kids have left home and married, I have got selfish with my time. I love “me” time. It is totally underrated. Let me tell you it is fabulous. You can do a spell or ritual anytime you like. You can run around the house skyclad (as long as the blinds are shut). You can do anything you want. My kids made a joke about me not having the empty nest syndrome. Everything worked out just like I planned. I had children young enough that when they got grown, I would still be young enough to enjoy life. Now, if the body would cooperate, I would be thrilled to death, lol!

Oops! I just looked at the clock and didn’t realize it was that late. I had a lot more to say but I figure you might want to read your horoscopes or your Tarot.  Besides I am always running late and most of the time it is because I have wrote a book or two.

I am going to run for now. But I would like to remind you that we are still asking for donations for the wildlife refuge. We have received some and I would like to thank those that have opened their hearts to these lovely creatures and us. But as always, we can always use more donations because there are more animals coming in every day. No matter what amount you feel you can give, we can put to good use I guarantee you. Thank you for your love and support.

Well I am off for now. Have a super fantastic Friday! And I will see you tomorrow on Mabon.

Luv & Hugs,

Lady A

Newest addition to the refuge. Yes, we have people drop kittens and puppies off at our doorsteps also.

Happy, Happy, Happy Wednesday! TGIW!!!

In case you are wondering what TGIW means it means, “Thank Goddess It’s Wednesday!” Or in my case, thank goodness I lived till Wednesday.  First of all, I am sorry I have been running late doing the dailys for you. Yesterday, it was the hubby. He was cleaning out my son’s room (the one’s that been married for 6 years and has 2 kids). He was wanting to know what I wanted to keep, what was all right to throw away. Then today, it is the my three fur babies, the wildcats! They are growing like little weeds and act like teenagers. I know it sounds funny but I thank the Goddess every day for these little miracles. They are a joy and make me smile from ear to ear. Perhaps three little wildcats are the answer to empty nest syndrome that I didn’t know I had, lol!

*Personal note* I was just in the back reading all the comments and I ran across one that indeed flattered me or floored me :s I am still trying to figure it out.  But I had someone wanting to buy this web blog? They were disappointed I didn’t have some type of money to something switch program. I don’t know what that is but I am guessing people start blogs, get them built up and then sell them? I don’t know. If anyone is familiar with this please let me know. Oh, yeah, one more thing, I am not selling out. Witches of the Craft or the WOTC as it has been so lovingly called in the pass, is my brainchild and I love it to pieces. So sorry, you have to put up with me, lol!