If You Were Born Today, November 6


If You Were Born Today, November 6

You are a dynamic, passionate person who has a lot to give, but who also expects the same level of commitment in return. You are determined to follow through on your own commitments and responsibilities, and you generally do what it takes to achieve your goals. Your charisma sets you apart from others, and you find that others quite easily respect you. Willing to help out, but never a pushover, you know your limits and you don’t have much trouble communicating them. You are somewhat of a perfectionist, and your tendency to try to control things is most apparent in your career and on the home front. You are an executive, but you also know the value of teamwork and charm, so you don’t come on too strong. Your distaste for the superficial is marked.

Famous people born today: Sally Field, Ethan Hawke, Maria Shriver, Pat Tillman, Emma Stone, Taryn Manning.

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Special Kitties of the Day for March 21

Mr. Tinkles, Garfield, the Cat of the Day
Name: Mr. Tinkles, Garfield
Age: One and a half years old
Gender: Male
Kind: Persian, Exotic short hair
Home: Burbank, California, USA
Ihave two beautiful kittens. Well, not kittens anymore, but for me they are! Here are some of their pictures and I hope you enjoy. They are one and a half years old brothers from the same littler. One is a completely white from head to tail, and the other one is an Orange persian. Garfield is the Orange and Mr. Tinkles (who got his name from the movie “Cats and Dogs”) is white.

Even though they are brothers, the sure have different personalities. Garfield is more outgoing and more friendly! More a people’s cat and according to himself the king! of the house.

The other one is more shy and not so much a people’s cat. Only with my partner is he not shy. Both cats are sweet boys and we just love them to death.

Mr. Tinkles, the white cat, is shy with other people except with us. He’s a sweet loving cat and loves to play with stick that has a feather. He always tries to take it with him and hide it. He also loves playing with the sheets and he has a weird way of drinking water. He likes to lay on the floor and drink it while kicking the water container. He loves to pay with his brother Garfield and he loves to sleep during the day in my underwear drawer. He is a big jumper and can jump really high if he wants too.

Garfield is the orange one, and is more energetic, extremely playful and he thinks he is the king of the house. He loves to run around the house with his brother. He loves getting pampered and loves getting into closets and boxes. He’s a loving cat and every time I get home. he’s waiting for me. He also loves to pose for pictures and he knows it when people take pictures of him. He loves to play with the stick and the feather thing, they both goes nuts over that.

As you see even though they are brothers, they sure have different personalities but one thing is certain. They love each other and I don’t think they can ever be apart from each other and US!

Unfortunately I have declared…..

this site magickal lacking. If you notice I have done a few changes today. One of the changes I made was in the category area. I put the category’s posts count out besides each topic. I found some of the areas were pitiful. They had one or two posts in them at the most. So for the next few hours, I am going to try to change that. I hope you enjoy the postings and find some of them of interest.

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