Daily Motivator for Nov. 12th – Embrace responsibility

Embrace responsibility

Don’t blame others, don’t blame the situation, and don’t blame yourself.  Instead of wasting your energy on assigning blame, empower yourself by accepting  responsibility.

The way you experience life is no one’s fault. It is your choice.

Fully accept and embrace responsibility for all that surrounds you, and  something amazing happens. You gain the power to make a positive difference.

If you run from the troubles, they grow stronger and chase you more and more  relentlessly. Yet the moment you take responsibility for those troubles, you  begin to have some control over them.

If you merely wish for your dreams to come true, they won’t. Yet when you  step up and take responsibility for bringing those dreams to life, they begin to  take on real form and substance.

Responsibility is the key that gives you access to all the best life has to  offer. Embrace responsibility in all things, and unlock the great value that is  yours to live.

— Ralph Marston

The Daily Motivator