Your Ancient Symbol Card for Jan. 22nd is The Golden Egg

Your Ancient Symbol Card for Today

The Golden Egg

The Golden Egg denotes the opportunity for substantial material gains. However, the Golden Egg is also a reminder that unmanaged greed ensures what gains are made will be lost.

As a daily card, The Golden Egg suggest that the prospects for you to increase your financial wealth are very strong today. Seize whatever opportunities come your way, but don’t ride them too long or you may find yourself no better off than you were before they came along.

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~Hair Mousse~

~Hair Mousse~

I have seen this next recipe, all over the Internet for years and have even seen it in books. I will admit that I have never used it before, but for those of you who would like an all-natural hair mousse, I hope you find this one enjoyable if you don’t mind the time it takes to make it.


2 egg whites

Beat the egg whites until they hold stiff peaks and then rub into hair, allow hair to dry, and then style as usual. From what I understand, this makes one treatment and being as you are dealing with eggs; that’s really all you need. One treatment at a time is probably your safest bet.