Draconic House Protection

Draconic House Protection

J’Karrah EbonDragon, 1994

The simple act of living can make our home spiritually and magically “dirty” as well as physically dirty. And just as you routinely clear out the physical dirt in your home, you should also routinely clear out the magical and spiritual dirt. Now you may be wondering just where this spiritual and magical dirt comes from. It comes from the aggravation adults bring home from work after a hard day and children bring home from school. It comes from the inevitable arguments and conflicts that occur when you have different people living in the same house. It comes from our fears and worries, our concerns and hardships. It is “tracked” in behind us just as mud is tracked in from the yard to sully the carpet. And if you live in an apartment building, it can seep into your space from your neighbors.

The purpose of this ritual is to cleanse your personal space of the unwanted energies, spirits, emotions, etc. that make our home spiritually and magically dirty and then to help keep it that way. It is generally a good idea to do this ritual at least once a year, but it can be done anytime you feel there is a need for it. It should definitely be done before moving into a new home or apartment (if possible definitely afterwards), or after remodeling your present home, as any structural modifications will break any protective seals already established. It is a pretty standard magical format used in a variety of different traditions. The exception is you are also calling on the assistance of your Dragon friends to help clear and seal your personal space.

Needed Items:

1) a nice bell or chime

2) purification incense or sage smudge stick (if you use a smudge stick, also use a heavy, *clean,* preferably new ashtray lined with sand to place it on)

3) small hand fan

4) protection incense

5) small, sturdy tray table if you are doing more than one room

6) small hand bell or chime

7) a consecrated string of bells to hang on your inner door knob of each exterior leading door if doing an entire house or apartment.

8) a dish of salt water

9) Normal altar equipment

If you are just doing a single room, Cast a formal Circle and “push” the Circle’s perimeter so that it matches the exact dimensions of your room. If you will be moving about your entire dwelling, you won’t be casting a formal Circle. You should, however, still call the Dragons of the Quarters, invite your Dragon companion(s). You should also be sure that the final room has an outside exit. If you are in an apartment and your main door leads to a hallway, make sure there is an open window to the outside available in the last room you intend to cleanse.

The Ritual:

Step 1: Stand for a moment and commune with those whom you have called to assist you to let them know what you are planning on doing. When you feel ready say:

Dragons of Power, Dragons of Light!

Dragons of Wisdom, Dragons of Might!

Lend me your magic, lend me your aid!

Lend me your guidance as this spell is made!

Step 2: Hold your hands over the salt water and say:

As salt dissolves in water, so too shall the hold of any unwelcome and unwanted influences and forces that may be attached to my place, my property or my person! By the power of my own will and that of my Dragon friends, so will it be!

If you are going to be doing multiple rooms, place the water bowl, wand, purification and protection incenses and burner (or smudge stick and ashtray) and fan on the tray and set it all by the door of the room you are currently working in.

Step 3:Pick up the purification incense or smudge stick and walk around the room , fanning the smoke to be sure it reaches all the corners, in any closets, and behind/under the furniture, etc. Visualize the smoke driving all the unwanted stuff into the burning perimeter of the Circle to be consumed by Dragon Fire. Trace a pentacle before each door, window and mirror (also: vents, drains, fireplace openings, etc.) with the incense to seal it. As you move about the room say:

By Dragon magic and the power of Fire and Air, I banish for all time any unwelcome or unwanted energies, forces and influences from this space!

Let this place be Purified and sealed!

If you are doing multiple rooms, start at the door and drive drive the stuff before you as you circle the room and then out the door into the next room. Seal the door with a pentagram to keep the stuff from getting back in.

Step 4: Return to your work station and pick up the bell. Following the same path as before, ring the bell continuously as you walk the room, paying special attention to the door, windows and mirrors. Visualize the sound of the bell driving any goop that may have escaped the smoke either into the Dragon Fire of the Circle’s boundary or out the door (don’t worry about the seal already at the door… it’s one-way: bad stuff goes out but can’t come back in) you started from.

By Dragon magic and the tones of the sacred bell, I banish for all time any unwelcome or unwanted energies, forces and influences from this space!

Let this place be Purified and sealed!

Step 5: pick up the protection incense and make a final pass around the room, taking the came care as you did with the purification incense fanning the smoke to be sure it reaches all the corners, in any closets, and behind/under the furniture, etc. Visualize the smoke permeating the walls, floor and ceiling to form a permanent protective barrier. Trace a pentacle before each door, window and mirror with the incense to seal it. As you move about the room say:

By Dragon magic and Dragon’s Breath, I seal this place for all time any unwelcome or unwanted energies, forces and influences from this space!

Step 6 Sprinkle the room generously with the salt water (being mindful of things that shouldn’t be splashed with water) while walking the same path as before saying:

By Dragon Tears, the combined powers of Earth and Water, I consecrate and bless this space according to my will and for the good of my family and my Clan. I here by banish for all time any unwelcome and unwanted energies, forces and influences.

For as long as I Will it only that which is beneficial and invited may enter here. This place is not forever barred under pain of Dragon Fire to any spirits, beings, energies or influences that may try to enter for the purpose of doing harm.

I invite in only those spirits, beings, energies and forces that are in accord with my Will, my desires and my purpose. By my will and under the vigilant protection of my Dragon allies, so will it be!

When you are finished, pour any remaining salt water down the drain. Place the sting of bells on your front door (mine hang from the door knob) where the sound of the bells will keep any unwanted “visitors” from following anyone inside. The cold incense ash can be placed in a decorative bottle or in a sachet and hung next to the door as a protection talisman.

Thank those Dragons who came to your assistance, and then “push” the protective energy of the circle (if you cast one) into your new house protections to help strengthen them by adding another layer. The ritual is over.

Draconic Elemental Charging of Blades

Draconic Elemental Charging of Blades

The purpose of this ritual is to charge a ritual blade with the elemental forces of nature via the assistance of draconic “elemental mages.”

What this means is that, as with human magic workers, different Dragons can have an affinity with different elemental energies. Just as you don’t have “elemental humans” you don’t have “elemental Dragons…” you simply have those who prefer to work with the energies of one element over another. Sometimes, you will find a Dragon who works equally well with all elemental energies and other times those who couldn’t tell a salamander from an undine.

Whenever you hear someone talking about “elemental Dragons,” those that embody the forces of a particular Element, most likely they are either confusing the mage with the magic, or they are seeing an elemental critter in draconic form. The common metaphysical representations of each element are: Fire- the Salamander; Water- the Undine; Air- the Zephyer; Earth- the Gnome.

Also while this ritual should be performed during a thunderstorm, and for best results, as close to the full moon as possible, it is not necessary (nor especially advisable) to place the blade you are charging directly out in the storm as this can ruin it. Placing the blade out on a sheltered, open aired porch, garage, gazebo, etc is sufficient. I also strongly recommend that the blade be coated with a good quality metal oil or silicon (spray or cloth such as can be found in the gun section of a sporting goods store), or coat it with a substance called “Renaissance Wax” which can be purchased on line at “Museum Replicas” Just do a site search of “Renaissance Wax” and you’ll find it. (BTW, this is a great place to find that perfect ritual blade!)

Needed items: Normal altar equipment; Blade to be charged

Step 1: take the blade to be charged to a location where it will not be disturbed. If you trust the blade will come to no harm, sink it 3-6 inches into the ground (if you don’t have an area of ground you can safely use, the blade can be placed in a large pot of soil) and pour a circle of salt around it approximately 12 inches in diameter and say:

In the name(s) of (personal deity), I ask the Dragons of the Elements to touch this blade and infuse it with elemental power! May all the forces of power and justice, as unstoppable as this storm, be drawn into this blade.

Step 2: Call upon the Guardian Dragons of each Gate to individually touch the blade with elemental force. If you have regular Gate guardians and you know their names (or the names they use when working with you) then call their names at the beginning of each invocation.

Great Dragon of the East, and all the Dragons of Air, riders of the storm winds, weavers of Wisdom, make this blade straight and true for the honor and glory of my Gods, my Dragon friends and my Clan!

Great Dragon of the South, and all the Dragons of Fire, whose power is manifested by the lightening bolt, hold fast the power of transformation within this blade that it may better aid me in my service to my Gods, my Dragon friends, and my Clan!

Great Dragon of the West, and all the Dragons of Water, you who swim the ocean currents and bring the cleansing rains, rinse away all doubt and uncertainty of purpose from this steel and s/he who wields it that both may be as unstoppable as the raging flood in defense of justice and the innocent, for my Gods, my dragon friends, and my Clan!

Great Dragon of the North, and all the Dragons of Earth, shakers and shapers of the World, keepers of mystery and secrets, keep strong this blade and s/he who wields it that I may be able to see into the heart of mystery and with it’s aid discern the truth in any situation for the glory of my Gods, my Dragon friends and my Clan!

Step 3: Ask for the blessings of the Gods by saying:

Name(s) of deity) , I ask that You pour forth Your blessings upon this blade, and that You touch it with Your powers, that it may be a worthy magical weapon, aiding me as I work in Your service.

Step 4: Go back indoors if you wish, or remain outside, until the storm has passed. Meditate on the desired effects of the ritual for at least 10-15 minutes. When the storm is over give thanks to the Gods and the Dragons for their assistance. Take up the Blade and immediately give it a thorough cleaning and oiling