Your Animal Spirit for October 15th is The Green Man

Your Animal Spirit for Today
October 15, 2013

Green Man

Green Man peers out of the foliage to remind you that not all of life’s mysteries have logical solutions. Be open to magical opportunities, spirit allies, and unconventional paths. Get out into the wilderness, ground yourself in meditation, and listen for Green Man’s wisdom. You may just catch sight of him eyeing you in his leafy camouflage.

Feng Shui Lucky Animals

Feng Shui Lucky Animals

by Annie B. Bond

The ancient Chinese system of feng shui often uses small statues or images of  certain lucky animals as a quick fix for energies that are out of balance in a  home or office. One animal, for example, is often placed next to a cash register  to increase the cash flowing in!

Find out which animals are the traditional powerful helpers to make our  personal and career lives more fulfilling and successful, here:

First, find out which places in your home correspond to each of the major  “guas”–like career, relationships, or wealth, for example–so you know where the  lucky animal should go.

Dragon: Dragons confer power and good fortune in any gua, particularly  Family/Health, unless you were born in a Dog year (since Dogs are opposite  Dragons in Chinese astrology).

Three-Legged Frog: An odd-looking but charming creature, this frog is  usually shown sitting on a pile of gold coins. It is especially helpful in a  Wealth gua, or placed next to a cash register!

Fu Dogs: These dogs resemble stylized lions and they symbolize  prestige and power. They usually come in pairs, one stationed on either side of  doorways for protection.

Bat:  The Chinese consider bats to be harbingers of happiness and good  fortune. A pair of bats bring double happiness. (Imagine giving a pair of bats  as a wedding gift!)

Crane:  Cranes are symbolic of long life and wisdom.

Fish:  Carp swim upstream, so they represent success and perseverance,  but all fish are considered lucky for abundance and money.

Phoenix: This magical, mythical creature who rises from the ashes  symbolizes peace and blessings. If you were born in a Phoenix year, it is  especially lucky.