Your Animal Spirit for October 23 is the Squirrel

Your Animal Spirit for Today
October 23, 2013


Hoard, hoard, hoard! Squirrel has been a busy fellow, gathering food for the long winter ahead—and he advises you to do the same. Have you set enough money aside to get you through lean times, or do you squander what you earn? We all love a shopping spree, but if Squirrel scurries into your reading, he’s cautioning you to spend a little, but also save a little.

Special Kitty of the Day for November 6th

Luigi, the Cat of the Day
Name: Luigi
Age: Seven years old
Gender: Male
Kind: Tuxedo
Home: Riverton, New Jersey, USA
Luigi is a large, handsome and very friendly tuxedo cat. We adopted him five years ago from a cat rescue in a neighboring county. We were just recovering from the loss of our first tuxedo cat, Otis, and we wanted a playmate for our two other cats, Tabitha and Sadie. Luigi had a rough early life. He was adopted and then returned to the cat rescue. Sometime during his youth, he also injured his right rear leg, causing him to limp a bit. The leg does not slow him down, although it is hard for him to jump up on the bed or the window sill. For an eighteen pound cat with a bad leg, Luigi still gets around pretty well, especially when its mealtime or when he is playing with his siblings.

Luigi is very affectionate. When we are in bed or on the couch, Luigi will often curl up next to one of us (usually his Dad) and purr loudly–louder than any cat we have come across. He seems to do this particular when we watch the Phillies games or the news channel. Luigi will also demand that you pet him, usually by putting his paw across your hand. He will continue to demand his pets and scratches until either he gets bored or you get up. We often have to keep Luigi’s nails clipped in order to keep our hands intact. When we have visitors over, especially kids, he lets them pet him with little, if any, complaint.

Luigi now has two sisters, Sadie and Balto, and a little tuxedo brother, Dylan. When he and Dylan hang out togther or play with the laser pointer, they look like the feline version of the “Blues Brothers.” His oldest sister, Tabitha, passed away two years ago at seventeen years of age after battling diabetes for years. Other than the occasional spat with Sadie (they both think they should be in charge), the four of them get along pretty well. He has a healthy appetite, and he enjoys catnip.

Luigi has been a wonderful addition to our family, and we look forward to him being part of our family for years to come.