WOTC Extra – Magickal Ink Recipes

Magickal Ink Recipes


Butterfly’s Blood Ink

Add saffron so that the ink will be golden-yellow. Vervain maybe added as well. Use this ink for love spells and spirit summoning spells. Unless you’re making a tremendous quantity of ink, a very few strands of saffron should be sufficient. Place the saffron strands in a glass and pour a little boiling water over them. Add this liquid to your ink formula.

Dove’s Blood Ink

Dragon’s blood
Gum arabica
Scent with essential oils of bay laurel, cinnamon and rose.
For Love Spells



Bat’s Blood Ink
Dragon’s Blood
Gum arabica
Scent with essential oils of cinnamon and myrrh.
For commanding, domination and hexing spells.



Dragon’s Blood Ink
Dragon’s blood
Gum arabica
Optional: Essential Oil of cinnamon



Raven’s Blood Ink

This ink uses the same formula as dragon’s blood ink, except that the red color is obtained from iron oxide powder, rather than powdered dragon’s blood. It is used for love spells.



Raven’s Feather Ink

1. Burn one black feather, freely given.
2. Add the ashes to ink.
For commanding spells.



Chinese Magickal Ink

Write spells with a peach-wood pen and cinnabar ink.

Let’s Talk Witch – Magickal Inks

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Let’s Talk Witch – Magickal Inks


Many spells involve a written component. Once upon a time, magicians chose their ink carefully depending upon the purpose of the spell, in the manner that someone today might choose a candle or condition oil. Some magicians still do. The most popular magickal inks used in Western magick tend to be named after the blood of various creatures. They are marketed commercially and are readily available through occult sources. However, in many cases what is purchased is nothing more than plain ink with a label bearing a catchy title.

A long history exists of using animal names as a code for various plant substances. Among the reasons for this practice was the desire to maintain secret formulas. Unfortunately, when the formulas are obtained without understanding or even knowing of the existence of the code, all sorts of misunderstanding and tragedy follow. While some complain that modern manufactured “blood” inks no longer contain the herbal formulas, others claim that the formulas actually demand blood, the only way to produce “true” dover’s blood ink, for instance, being to slit the throat of a dove. This is untrue. Dove’s blood ink is frequently used to write love spells. Doves are sacred to Aphrodite, Genius of Love. Do you think that, having done very bad things to her bird, she will look kindly on your petition? The only blood typically called for in magick spells maybe your own, and even that requires no more than a few drops from a finger.

Formulas are frequently very similar. The red color typically derives from the resin dragon’s blood, a powerful magickal agent. Even if a formula doesn’t specifically call for it, it is extremely likely that adding gum Arabica or gum tragacanth to the mix will be necessary in order to make the ink thick enough to be functional. Typically one-quarter to one-half teaspoon is needed.

If mixing inks from scratch is forbidding, a simple yet magickally charged method of creating the various “Blood” inks is to add the appropriate essential oils and resins to plain red ink.