Leo Full Moon Horoscopes

Leo Full Moon Horoscopes

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The current leading up to the Leo Full Moo3 (Jan 26th), is one of expressing many sides of your personality.  The stimulating vibes of Uranus will meet the vitalizing Sun in the sign it rules, Aquarius (opposite to Leo).  Breaking out of the usual thought loops is not just mentally stimulating, but refreshing to the spirit, too.  Fixed signs4 (Taurus, Leo, Scorpio and Aquarius), especially in the 7 degree range, can find it illuminating.

But both the sign of romance (Leo) and of originality (Aquarius) are squared by the water fixed sign (Scorpio).  This happens at the Full Moon with Saturn square to Sun and Moon, and that last week with a Saturn square to the Sun (January 30th).  Using our intuitive eyes, we could foresee a challenges here to guide outbursts of originality in way where nobody gets hurt!

In other words, we have to be mindful of strange, demanding, or selfish behaviors, that have their roots in the psyche.  Is the oft-said declaration, “This is me, take it or leave it!” an excuse to avoid responsibility, honesty or taking steps to deepen intimacy?

Relationships can be a house of mirrors, as the shadow material continues to be churned up by Saturn in Scorpio.  We say we want to be loved for who we are.  The Leo Full Moon makes it a peak for desiring to be loved for our uniqueness.  But this month’s aspects and Full Moon also invites reflection on the deeper psyche, and how that manifests “out there.”  How does integration of shadow material change who we are, and what kinds of love (or mirrors of validation) we’re seeking.  This is a great time to get clear, and heal any deep distortions of the heart and soul that are barriers to love.

Venus and Mars

Love muse Venus remains in steadfast earth sign Capricorn through to February 1st.  The impulse to gather with friends, for nourishment via the senses, or sharing the joy of being productive.  The attraction vibe overall is to what endures, making it time to connect with age-old friends.  The rational side of love — what kind of life is desired — is a motivator.  Some significant decisions can be made about what’s co-owned (property, businesses), or mutual responsibilities (children).  A good atmosphere for love is:  calming, meaningful, grounded, in places that evoke the timeless and tradition.

The primal sex urges of Mars whiz through in Aquarius all month (also changing signs February 1st).  This prompts the sexually adventurous to go in search of thrills.  The bolt of inspiration can push shy lovers into action.  An affair is first sparked by a meeting of the minds.  The drives of Mars this month are experimental, eccentric (taboo or kinky), open-minded, and blind to the usual social conventions.  Unusual couples are more likely to hook up now.

Here are short love ‘scopes for the rest of January (19th to 31st).  They originated from a new mantra of strike while the iron is hot — to offer horoscopes when the inspiration hits.


Freedom and stability — sometimes it seems an either/or proposition.  How would it look in one package?  If you haven’t yet met such a one, start circling in new social spheres.  If your established thing has swerved to either extreme, a shake-up could be on the menu.  The Leo Full Moon brings out your gregarious side…give a listening ear to the wise, but don’t let controlling types put out your fire.


Your garden path to love is through play and doing things just-for-fun.  Meanwhile your ruler Venus is lured to happenings that serve a purpose.  It’s rich loam for meeting friends, artistic collaborators or a potential love.  Some share a similar take on what’s happening, and what’s possible, but it’s the wild cards that widen your world.  The Leo Full Moon is intense for you — be curious and forgiving about what surfaces in yourself and your loved ones, as messages from the soul.


The airy Aqua vibe wafts fresh air into your social scene.  You see more clearly, the patterns in your relationships.  A missed connection for love or best mate circles back, and this time you’re quick to act.  Abrupt changes in your group participation here or there puts you in contact with those on your wavelength (level of consciousness).  As Jupiter turns direct in your sign (Jan 30th), be sure you’re with the right traveling companions.  This matters, as you swiftly go forward, with supporters in your corner.


Your loony behavior is enough to send some into peels of laughter.  But others, especially those closest to you, see the imprint of the past, in your actions.  This month brings flashes of emotional detachment, like manna from heaven for a Crab, who is so often deep in it!  This is freeing, and even revelatory.  You attract with your rare ability to see into the layers of a situation, and yourself.  Your quirky side comes out in its full glory in Aqua month. And paired with a gift for saying the right things at the right time, you’re a magnet for people from all walks of life.


The Full Moon (Jan 26th) at 7 degrees Leo is a peak for high spirits, affection, being noticed.  But be alert to dramatic tensions, especially if much has been buried in yourself or others.  If a festering issue come to a boil, let it be healed in the cauldron of the lunar peak.  It’s a peak of intensity, which can mean catharsis or it could take a darker turn.  Tune in to the hovercraft view point of Aqua season, to take things less personally.  The spirit of play, generosity and humor with your own peccadilloes wins you (secret) admirers.


Lover Venus supports your way of thriving in relationships.  Venus in cardinal earth Capricorn all month is your discernment meter, for where to invest your love and friendship currency.  Your ability to adapt to erratic change makes you a valuable ally.  Following a fascination, and then say, joining an order, club, forum or meet-up to share your interest widens your sphere.  Changes in your love life are likely to reflect changes (some drastic) in your outlook on life and “reality.”  Give it time for the dust to settle, before fixing on a person or situation.


It’s a time when it’s harder to smooth over deep-seated conflicts in relationship.  Some agreements break apart under the strain of real crisis.  In other words, there can be good-byes now, if the relationship rests on a crumbling foundation.  The next while is about deepening intimacy, and looking at ingrained habits that keep you skirting around the edges.  Spend time alone to make the most of the clear-seeing this month.  A dark situation has a silver lining, when it frees you up to re-envision your love life, starting with self-love.


This is a time of clarifying ordeals in love — Saturn in your sign will challenge the Full Moon Leo-Aquarius (Jan 26th).  If your Sun is within orb of 7 degrees Scorpio, it’s especially intense!  We’re talking crimes of passion levels.  Some caution is advised, especially with those that are clearly not who they seem to be.  Handling raw energies, though, is your forte.  The right dose of truth telling at the right moment moves the energy between you and a lover or friend.  Sexual passion is off-the-charts around the Full Moon, and your adventurous side comes out to play.  A great love could begin this month, or passion is kindled in a longstanding union.


The love forecast is for surprises — strange and truly wonderful people — moving in and out of your life.  But watch for blind spots, especially your own.  Trust your instincts, if you get a sixth sense that someone is hiding their true feelings.  Friends are your sounding boards, but with their own psychic filters.  This stretch can be revelatory and cathartic.  Or it can be one of entangling dramas that initiate an underworld journey with your own nuts to crack.  Look for ways to make introductions outside your usual social circles.  A great month to make new friends, with potential for more.


Beguiling Venus is in your sign the rest of January, making your brand of vitality look alluring.  Your quiet confidence and sense of self-containment, your reserve — even your desire to stick-with-the-program — all attract like bees to honey.  Make the most of it by being social, out and about, visible….in your way.  A risk to flirt now is well-received.  With so much Aqua in play, you’re apt to make connections in surprising ways.  Being spontaneous and acting out of character, with your sense of timing, pays off big time.


The romantic Full Moon in Leo (Jan 26th) is potentially a love reckoning.  The roots of relationships are exposed, for a good look at what’s happening.  Fixed signs will find this a demanding stretch of time to end of January.  The rewards are high, when there’s deep trust and honesty.  But a relationship on shaky ground could turn ugly.  You could end up making shockingly abrupt decision, so keep checking in with your heart.  Many planets in your sign show you what’s going on with crystal clarity.  But it still can bring you to a crossroads, of deciding which is the wisest path.


A time for epiphanies and closeness, in a relationship that can handle waves of truth surfacing, to be integrated.  The Full Moon (Jan 26th) can bring drama, some love turbulence, and solo time keeps you from acting on raw, unprocessed feelings.  If you meet someone now, it could have a “karmic” feel — like you’ve got a past and a purpose together.  Watch out for those that want to create scenes where you’re the victim.  This month you see others’ projections onto you more clearly.  This is gold for making a decision to stay or go.