Charmed, I’m Sure: “Lapis Lazuli Lift”

Charmed, I’m Sure: “Lapis Lazuli Lift”

If you are feeling blue and want to give yourself a boost both physically and mentally, try making this simple charm:

In a blue cloth or bag, place a piece of lapis lazuli and some lavender. Take a piece of paper and draw a smiley face on it while visualizing yourself feeling happy and healthy. Put the paper in the bag with the lapis (if you are using a cloth, tie a piece of string or yarn around it to hold it closed). Then hold the bag in your hands and spend a few minutes filling it with positive energy.

Say: “Lavender lovely and lapis blue, health and harmony through and through.” Put it on your altar or under your pillow, be sure to take it out and hold it for a few minutes every day. You should be feeling better in no time!


Everyday Witch A to Z
Deborah Blake

The Witches Magick for Friday, February 5th – An Image Love Charm


An Image Love Charm

This and similar image spells are most popular today, as they have been for ages.

Carve, sew, or otherwise construct an image of yourself at your finest, physically speaking. Pour into it all your good points, as well as your bad. Embody the image with your spirit, your life-force, your total being. When you look at its face (however crude or unfinished it may seem to be) see your own face.

When finished, put in a safe place. Next, of the same material, fashion an image of your ideal love. This shouldn’t be a specific person, of course, but a composite of everything you are looking for in a man or woman. Though you are only fashioning its outline or rough features, implant in it physical, spiritual, emotional, intellectual, and other qualities; habits and goals in life; any particulars that appeal or are important to you.

When both images are finished, take a pink or red thread or cord and tie them loosely together. Place them in a spot where they will not be disturbed for several weeks, but not in a box or other constricting place. Someone will come to you, and after that, it will be up to the two of you.

Spells of this nature draw many people to you, and one or two of these might become good friends. A more personal relationship might develop out of one of these, which may eventually lead to love.

If it does but the relationship ends, unbind the images, carefully dismantle the one of the perfect love, and begin anew.

The same is true if you find no lover, but for this wait at least three months.

A spell of this type doesn’t force the person you meet to fall in love with you; it simply expands your circle of friends. Any person you meet will be under no magical pressure or force to love you; that you will have to do on your own.

Scott Cunningham, Earth Power: Techniques of Natural Magic

Greenhouse Charm


Greenhouse Charm

Here is a little greenhouse charm that you can say to yourself while you get a dose of plant magick and greenery. Just shut your eyes, soak up the warmth and those delicious, earthy smells, and repeat the charm quietly.

All around me now, new plant life does happily grow
My spirits are lifted despite the cold and the snow.
Green is the magickal color of life and hope
Refresh me and remove any reason to mope!
By the powers of the moon, stars, and shining sun
As I will, so shall it be, an’ let it harm none.

Feel free to walk around and indulge yourself for a while in the greenhouse. See if you can find a simple houseplant to take home and care for. Once you return home, sit back, relax, and enjoy the rest of your day.

Ellen Dugan, Seasons of Witchery: Celebrating the Sabbats with the Garden Witch

Yule Good Luck Charm

Yule Comments & Graphics

Yule Good Luck Charm

Would you like to help your friends and loved ones by increasing their good luck throughout the coming year? This Yuletide custom lets you make a unique magickal gift for everyone on your list.


A Yule log

Matches or a lighter

A cloth drawstring pouch for each person on your gift list

Dried pink rose petals (for love)

Dried lavender buds (for peace of mind)

Dried basil (for protection)

Dried mint leaves (for prosperity)

Dried echinacea (for health)

A sheet of paper


A pen


Yule (usually December 21)

On the night of the winter solstice, build a Yule fire in a safe place and burn an oak log in it. The next morning when the ashes have cooled, scoop some into each pouch. Add the dried botanicals. Cut the sheet of paper into slips, one for each person on your list. Write a personalized wish on each slip of paper. Fold the papers three times and add them to the pouches. Tie the pouches closed and give them to your loved ones.


–Skye Alexander, The Modern Guide to Witchcraft: Your Complete Guide to Witches, Covens, and Spells

Got A Minute, Make Your Own Herbal Charm for Yuletide

Yule Comments & Graphics

Herbal Charm for Yuletide

Try this simple Yuletide charm as you hang up and arrange your Yuletide greenery in your abode this year. Deck your halls and mantles as you like; then, as you finish, repeat this charm with intention. This charm incorporates the four Yuletide plants: pine, holly, ivy, and mistletoe.

When a Witch decks the halls with boughs of holly

Expect that the Yuletide feast will be jolly.

Green ivy for good luck and fertility

Add pine boughs and branches for prosperity.

The Druid’s golden bough we called mistletoe

Encourages kisses and make cheeks to glow.

Now add a touch of magick and a pinch of glee

Welcome renewal in Yuletide’s season of peace.

Close up the charm with these lines:

By the bright magick of a midwinter sun

As I will, so mote it be, and let it harm none.



—Ellen Dugan, Seasons of Witchery: Celebrating the Sabbats with the Garden Witch

To Make A Charm for Control

A Charm for Protection and Control

Special Tools:
• One red candle, One white candle, A small piece of white paper, Protection oil (pre-made or homemade), Ink pen, Red ribbon
Cast the circle. Set a white candle alight on the left to represent the Goddess and a red candle alight on the right to represent the God. Place materials for the charm between the candles. Using the protection oil, with the index finger of the right hand, draw a pentagram in the middle of the paper while saying:

“With the seal of this pentagram I request this charm be used for protection and authority over those I am with today.”

Using a pen, in the center of the oil-drawn pentagram, draw the rune Algiz, (the rune of protection). Say:

“With this rune, Algiz, I request this charm be used for protection and control over all I do”.

Now seal it but If you’re doing the ritual for someone else, hand him/her the piece of paper and tell him/her to concentrate on the rune and what it means and ask aloud for what you want. Then to seal those energies into the charm, tell him or her:

“When you are ready, roll the paper up tightly, lengthwise and give it back to me.”

When the charm is handed back it is wrapped three times with a red ribbon sealed with wax dripped onto it (use a ring or seal if you have one or draw a symbol like the 3 pointed star in the hot wax pool to seal and then tie the ribbon into a bow. Consecrate the charm with an element of the God, fire, and an element of the Goddess, air (the smoke from the candles). Hold the charm over the red candle of the God and say, “I consecrate you in fire for (name) so that he/she can defend and protect him/herself/ myself with the powers he/she/ I has (have). Hold the charm in the smoke of the white candle of the Goddess and say:

“I consecrate you in air for (name) so that he/she I can defend and protect him/herself or self with the powers he/she (I) has (have).”

Tightly clasp the charm in both hands, the right hand around the charm and the left over your right. Concentrate on the charms task. Seal the left end of the charm with white wax and right end with red wax. The charm is complete and given to the intended person or kept by you if you make it for yourself. Close the circle.

Turquoise Protection Amulet


The ancients regarded turquoise as a powerful magical aid to ward off misfortune, illness, and the evil eye. You can use turquoise to make your own amulet for protection.

To begin, during the waxing Moon take a piece of blue turquoise or an item of blue turquoise jewelry and hold it in your hand for a moment. In your mind’s eye, picture a blue light surrounding you. Hold the stone to your heart, and breathe on it to charge it with your power, saying:

“Stone of blue, surround me with protective energy.

I am protected by your soothing blue light.”

Carry your turquoise with you or wear it as often as you can. Handle it frequently to keep the spell active.

Lady A’s Spell of the Day for December 3rd – Dragon Charm


Dragon Charm

This spell charms an item using dragon magick.

You will need:

An item you want to charm

A candle (preferably white)

Matches or lighter



-Get your materials.

-Place the candle in front of you.

-Place the item in between you and the candle.

-Light the candle.

-Say this only once, “Dragon of light, I call upon you. Turn this (item) into a charm of good luck. Never shall my spells fail.”

-Wave the item in the flame and say, “This ordinary charm is now a good luck charm. So mote it be.”

-Blow out the candle. If the charm has some black stuff on it, it’s ok to wash it.

-Put on the charm and feel the new energy enter your body.

And now you have your own charm.

Money Charm

Money Charm


This is more properly a charm rather than a spell because you have formed a different object (the bag) and given it power through incantation. As always, a money charm like this relies on the energy set up between you and the money. If you recognize that money is a resource, you can adjust the spell to ask for resources rather than money itself.


You will need



• • CRYSTALS (such as garnet, ruby and emerald or rock salt)





Hold the three silver coins in your hands. Breathe on them four times and say:


To the spirits of Air I say bring some money my way.

Put the herbs, crystals and coins on the cloth.


Tie the cloth into a bag using eight knots in the thread. (It is probably easiest to fold the thread into two and tie knots round the neck of the bag.)


Hide the bag in a safe, cool, dark place, away from prying eyes for eight days.


After eight days money should be coming in.


Be as realistic as possible, imagining what you will do with the money and how best it will be used. Once you have made the bag, meditate daily on what you want. By using the three silver coins and four breaths you create the vibration of the number seven which is considered to be both a lucky, and spiritual, number.

WOTC Extra – Simple Charge and Carry Talismans

beautiful woman dreaming of her love

Simple Charge and Carry Talismans


One of the easiest and most portable ways to work crystal magic is to charge a small stone with a particular intention and then keep it with you in a pocket or locket as you go about your day.

The energy of the crystal itself combines with the magical energy of your intention to reinforce the manifestation of your desire. In addition, your awareness of the charmed stone on your person helps remind you that the Universe is realigning itself to conform to your request.

This type of spell is particularly useful for work concerning emotional, psychological, and/ or spiritual challenges, such as boosting your courage when facing a daunting task or situation. However, you can also charge a stone for longer-term goals, such as attracting prosperity or warding off sources of chronic negativity.

One note of caution: if you carry stones in your pocket, be sure not to carry keys or any other sharp objects in the same pocket, as many of the stones used in magic can scratch easily.

It’s also best to avoid carrying polished and raw stones together— particularly raw crystal points, which can definitely scratch the softer polished variety!

Of course, you can wrap polished stones in a soft cloth to avoid these risks, though some argue that this creates an unnecessary extra barrier between the stone’s energy and your body. This may or may not be the case for you, however, so do what feels right for your circumstances. Finally, try to avoid carrying cell phones and other wireless devices with magically charged crystals, as it’s possible that the emissions from these gadgets can interfere, however slightly, with the stone’s energy field.

You will need:

1 white, black, or purple candle— these are good colors for charging stones, but use a different color if you prefer.

1 or more amethyst and/ or clear quartz crystal pieces— these crystals are excellent charge “boosters,” but are not strictly necessary, so if you don’t have either crystal, you can still charge your talisman stone with your own energy.

1 stone to charge and carry— see individual talisman instructions, below.

Place the amethyst and/ or quartz, if using, in front of the candle and light the wick.

Hold your talisman stone in both hands.

Close your eyes and take several deep breaths.

Visualize yourself achieving the effect that you want the talisman to recreate later (see individual instructions below for examples).

Using words of affirmation will help solidify the visualization, which is the expression of your intention for the talisman.

When you sense that the stone has been programmed with the energy you’re seeking to draw on later, place the stone near the amethyst/clear quartz and leave it with the candle burning for at least one hour.

Then it’s ready to take with you wherever you go, whenever you need it!


Wicca Crystal Magic: A Beginner’s Guide to Practicing Wiccan Crystal Magic, with Simple Crystal Spells (Wicca Books Book 4)

Lisa Chamberlain

Lady A’s Magickal Tip of the Day – A Simple Protection Charm


A Simple Protection Charm


Here is a simple protection charm that can be hung over the front door, in your car, or even buried at the entrance to your home:

Take a black or white cloth (silk or cotton are best) and place in it a few sprigs of rosemary, some sage, a clove of garlic(still in its skin, if you don’t want to stink up the place), and some dried basil. Add a piece of black onyx or an agate, and tie up the whole bundle with black or white string. Visualize yourself safe and protected, along with whatever space you are trying to protect, then say the following words:

Safe for now,

Safe forever,

Harming none

But harmed never.

Then place the charm wherever you feel it is needed.



Everyday Witch A to Z: An Amusing, Inspiring & Informative Guide to the Wonderful World of Witchcraft

Deborah Blake


Magickal Essentials – Goddess Charm

Friday 13th Comments

Goddess Charm


If you don’t feel comfortable wearing a pentacle necklace—because you’re still in the broom closet or maybe you just don’t like jewelry—you can always make this goddess charm and wear or carry it instead.

Take a small white pouch (it can be leather, silk, or cotton), and place into it a piece of moonstone, a bit of vervain if you have some, and a bead or symbol that is shaped like a crescent moon. You can just draw a moon on a slip of paper if you’d rater. Then consecrate the charm to stand as your symbol of the goddess and slip it into a purse or pocket, or around your neck. May the goddess always be with you.



Everyday Witch A to Z
An Amusing, Inspiring & Informative Guide to the Wonderful World of Witchcraft
Deborah Blake


Various Protection Charms

Various Protection Charms


Mistletoe, also known as golden bough, carried in a little hand sewn cloth bag is a traditional Celtic method of protecting the self and is also used by the followers of the magic from America’s South.

Marjoram or wild oregano is believed to absorb dangerous negative energies when powdered and sprinkled about the home. In Italy the followers of Italian witchcraft or Stregheria make this herb into a tea and add it to the wash and scrub water to protect the home and its inhabitants.

Cuban and Puerto Rican followers of the folk religion known as Santeria regularly burn brown sugar, a pinch of sulfur and garlic powder on charcoal within their homes to cleanse them of any negative energy. When the home has been cleansed, it is protected by praying to Santa Barbara, the saint of protection, by the light of a red and a white candle.

A pinch of sulfur powder and cayenne pepper carried in a little brown paper pouch upon which a sword has been drawn, can be carried to ward off hostile words and deeds.

Plain bluing (used to whiten clothes in the wash) is said to ward off evil spirits in the magic of America’s South. The bluing is generally carried in a little blue paper pouch.

When a little sulfur and blue metal stone (the type often used in the process of making concrete) are added to bluing and carried in a blue cloth pouch, the charm is said to simultaneously ward off evil and attract lucky energies to the bearer.

Mirrors are said to frighten away dark spirits and tiny pieces of silvered glass are often sewn into Indian cotton dresses as are bells which are also used for this purpose.

A tiny silver bell worn about the neck is a very potent protective charm as evil spirits cannot abide the sweet ring of any bell. Travelers are especially in need of protection when in a foreign land. A tiny mirror smeared with a clove of garlic and placed beneath the bed is said to protect the sleeper when away from his or her own home. The mirror may also be carried on one’s person for this same purpose.

Protection Charm


You will need:
One red candle & one white candle
A small piece of white paper
Ink pen
Red Ribbon

Set the white candle alight on the left to represent the Goddess and a red candle to the right to represent the God. Place the materials for the spell between the two candles.

Using the oil, with your right index finger, draw a pentacle (star inside a circle) in the middle of the white paper, while saying,

“With the seal of this pentagram I request that this charm be used for protection.”

Using a pen, in the center of the oil-drawn pentagram, draw your own special symbol for protection.Say,

“With this rune, I request that this charm be used for protection.”

When you are ready, roll the paper up with the red ribbon tightly lengthwise.Hold the charm over the red candle and say,

I consecrate myself in fire
so that I can defend myself
and protect myself with the power I have.

Continue doing this with the smoke of the white candle, but consecrate it in the name of air. Hold the charm with both hands. Concentrate on the charm’s task.Then seal the left end of the charm with white wax, the right with red wax.The charm is now complete.

WOTC Extra – How to make a Rune charm for safe travelling

How to make a Rune charm for safe travelling


One of the most popular ways to use runes is in the form of charms due to their ease and versatility; they can also be carried around with you making them ideal for good luck charms or for going on trips.

Follow the steps below to create your own safe travelling charm, or if you like use the basic steps to create your own charm based on your needs.

Step 1: Using the chart above, pick what rune you would like to use for your charm, if making this charm for safe travelling, a good choice would be Raido, however you could easily make this for good luck using Algiz.

Step 2: Once you have decided on your rune, next take a small pouch and draw the corresponding rune on the bag.

Step 3: You will next want to take a stone with the rune on or a suitable herb (check the herb guide at the back of this eBook for details) and place that inside the pouch.

Step 4: Now take a small slip of paper and draw the rune symbol, fold this piece of paper up and place inside the pouch before tightening the strings at the top sealing everything inside.

Step 5: Your charm is now all ready to use for your trip, this charm will promote safety while travelling as well as make the time pass by quicker.


Wicca Witch of the West: A Beginner’s Guide to Wicca, Spells, Herbs, Runes, and Rituals

Pamela Taylor

Lady A’s Spell of the Day for July 22nd – Herbal Talisman for Protection

Wiccan Woman and Dragons (GP)

Herbal Talisman for Protection


Cut a circle out of a piece of blue cloth. Fill the center of the cloth with 9 protective herbs. As you add the herbs recite:

“For protection I fill this circle of blue, For protection I use the herbs that I do.”

Tie the bundle with white or silver thread. Carry this charm with you when you feel the need. You may make the tie long enough to put around your neck, or keep it in your pocket.

I added my own touches to that spell and used a piece of cloth that had a design on it with only a small amount of blue, but made me feel safe. That is the most important part, use a color or design that makes you feel secure. I carry it with me in my purse, which goes everywhere I do. Since I have carried it (many months now) no harm has come to me. Be sure and charge it with protective energy!

The following spell is a prayer to the sun, for quick travel. I believe that a spell is a spell, it’s origin doesn’t matter. If you believe the spell will work, then it will. So, seeing as how this spell is from Aztec origin, I think that as a Wiccan it will still work for me and others as long as you believe.


“Sun, come help me. I’ll be the first, I’ll go first.

Then you, then you can go.

I’ll be the first to reach the end of all the desert lands, o

f all the canyon lands, passing over the earth’s smooth face.

Smooth or not smooth, She’ll never hurt me.

Right through the sky I’ll go. That’s where I’ll be.”