All The Astrological Events Happening In March 2022

With two long months of 2022 under our belt, the fresh-faced feeling of New Year’s feels like a distant memory. However, the astrology of March 2022 is ripe with new beginnings and the hopeful energy of springtime. February’s planetary happenings plunged us into the depths of feelings-focused Pisces season and brought about the intense peak of the United States’ Pluto return. But between a cleansing full moon, the astrological new year, and a rare retrograde-free chunk of time, the astrological events in March might feel even more magical.

We’re kicking off the astrology of March 2022 under an emotional new moon in Pisces, which rises on March 2. This lunation brings us a beautiful chance to manifest and get spiritual — and that is very much in tune with the themes of Pisces season on the whole, which we’re swimming through until March 20. Once Aries season begins on the day of the spring equinox, it’ll officially be spring, and we’ll be celebrating the astrological new year, too. Think of this as your second chance to set New Year’s intentions! Lover planets Venus and Mars will be traveling alongside each other all month, inspiring us to break out of our usual boxes in love and embrace some passionate and pleasurable new beginnings.

As the cherry on top of a busy astrological period, March is the only full month of 2022 during which no major planets will be retrograde — so we can enjoy a forward-facing energetic flow, without too many cosmic interruptions. This backspin-free spell lasts through Apr. 29, which is when Pluto retrograde begins and launches us back into retrograde season. With the renewed energy of spring on our side and exactly zero retrogrades standing in our way, we can enjoy a sense of ease when it comes to making progress, pushing forward on plans, and looking toward the future.

Read on for all the must-know astrological events in March 2022.