7 Archangels of the Week – Learn Their Names and meanings [Guide]

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Getting to Know 7 of the Archangels of the Week!

Did you know there are specific archangels associated with each of the seven days of the week?

Dating back to ancient times, each of the different week days were named and believed to specifically correspond with different planets and with the gods or goddesses who ruled them.

The ruling deity of the day varied depending on the culture, but interestingly the planetary influences hold true, and I think you’ll find, continue to ring true today.

Before we get into the Archangels associated with each day, here is a quick look at the planetary correspondence for each of the days of the week.

Sunday- Sun
Monday- Moon
Tuesday- Mars
Wednesday- Mercury
Thursday- Jupiter
Friday- Venus
Saturday- Saturn

According to my research, it was in European times that people really began recognizing not only the gods and goddesses but also the Archangels associated with each of the planets, the thereby the Archangels associated with each of the days.

Of course, the higher spiritual realms of the Archangels are always accessible… But when first learning to connect it can be helpful to get a little added boost!

As always, if you want to work with angels, its key to ask for their help and assistance…

And know with this guide you can call upon the Archangels most aligned with today!