Take Away Pain Chant

My children grew up sbelieving that just a kiss from mom or grandma would take away their “ouchie”. When my grandchildren came along, after reaching about 2 years old, most did not believe just a mom or grandma kiss would make “boo-boo” stop hurting. So I got a little more creative witchy style by changing the lyrics to the children’s song “Rain, Rain go away…” to chant to help their pain go away

Repeat chant either 3 or 6 or 9 times depending on how long it takes you to minister 1st aid to the child. This chant is strictly for minor scrapes, cuts, and falls. It the injury requires stitches or a head injury causes any length of the child being unconscious, dizziness, double vision, etc seek professional medical care immediately.

Pain, pain go away Chant

Pain, pain go away. Don’t come back another day. Little (child’s name) wants to play.

My youngest granddaughter use this on me when I had tried outside scraping my palms and knees. She very gently wiped the spots with a soapy, dripping washcloth blowing on the abrasion when I flinched. Yes, I had a small mess in my bathroom after she was through being my “doctor” complete with wearing a surgical hat and medicine gloves, as she called them but the cleanup was worth it.