Celtic Tarot Card

Celtic Dragon Tarot


A large dragon is shedding its black skin and scales, emerging in a new identity of sparkling white. It wings are spread in triumph and its head thrown back in a roar as it completes the successful transformation. Out of dark, stormy clouds comes in a bright beam of sunlight, which illuminates the moment of victory. What was perhaps looked upon as a painful death or great loss has been revealed as a rebirth into something better. Knowledge, willpower, and trust in spirit have helped to create gold out of dross. Like the fabled Phoenix, the dragon rises from the symbolic ashes of an outworn existence or experience into a new brighter cycle of life.


A significant transformation approaches. An unplanned event requires you to make a dramatic or radical change. Illusions are stripped away, leaving you only with the bare truth. A possible inheritance or unexpected money may come your way.