For Your Listening Pleasure

This post is dedicated to Coven Life’s Priestess Hypathis of Alexandria, who is working extra shift so the people in the “Old Age Village” sees a familiar face and make sure they have nutritious yummy meals to eat. Thank you, Hypatia for being a role model to many of us all over Mother Earth. Blessings of strength, comfort, and good health to you and your co-worker and the residents where your work.

Although this song mentions God singular I always add an “S” sing it out loud or just in my head. It also fails to name quite a few jobs people do for a living. Like the Ohio coal miners that work side by side with the Virginia coal miners. I also notice some first responders are missing such as doctors, nurses, and the entire support staff. If you think of a job that is missing please put it in the comments so they get the recognition they so deserve also, please.

If you live somewhere besides the USA please add workers and the jobs they do to help keep your country running.

40 Hour Week by Alabama