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Do you think that astrology is only for people? Planet effects also all live existence in the earth. Pet haven´t so difficult disposition as people, but have psychological disposition. Also animals have feelings. Dogs, cats and some birds have more feelings than other animals. If you want to find your pet temperament you must be as long as you can with your pets. If you find your pets zodiac sign you have better chance to understand it´s sense. Pet´s astrology can help you to sense it´s individuality. If is your dog unusual cleanly and smart it can be Virgo. If it is still bored it can be Sagittarius. If you don´t know how is your pet zodiac sign read next and you will find your answers.

Is your pet Leo?

Is your pet a Leo? If so he or she probably has a shiny, glorious mane or coat of some kind and a beautiful disposition. Many Leo animals also have big eyes and long whiskers and set of big, sharp teeth. These animals are known for their athletic prowess and can often run the fastest, climb the highest and breed several generations of children.

They are usually strong, healthy

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Is Your Pet a Pisces?

The Pisces pet seems almost human because it is so empathic and in tune with you. They seem very psychic and watchful.  All Pisces pets like to sleep and if left to their own devices they would snooze for three days straight. They can be lazy animals and because they like to eat too they can easily become quite fat. It is crucial to make sure that all of

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Is Your Pet an Aquarius?

The Aquarius pet love people but they also have a habit of driving you crazy because they are so eccentric, free-spirited and difficult to train.  The dogs will show you they love you by jumping up on you and barking the entire time you are not home. The cats will show they love you by dropping a dead mouse on your pillow and trying to sleep on your face.

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Is Your Pet a Capricorn?

The Capricorn pet is very loyal, usual obedient and has a serious demeanor. The dogs make good watch-dogs and babysitters. They do well in settings where there are a lot of other pets. They keep the peace and make sure that everyone stays in line.  The Capricorn dog will be very watchful of you and many of them can be overprotective. Be sure that the Capricorn dog is trained

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Is Your Pet a Sagittarius?

The Sagittarius pet is a happy-go-lucky type who likes to go with the flow. The dogs are fantastic hunting companions and travel well. The cats are very flexible and if your job requires that you move from place to place the Sagittarius pet will not mind it so much. The biggest drawback of owning Sagittarian dogs and cats is that they have a real need to wander and explore greener

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Is Your Pet a Scorpio?

Scorpio pets are strong, athletic and territorial creatures who tend to get their way. You cannot let these pets get bored or they will get revenge by trashing your place or wrecking something that you really treasure. Scorpio dogs are adventurers that make great hunting companions. However they will also hunt on their own for sport.  Scorpio cats are killers.  Both the dogs and cats are stealthy predators that nobody

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Is Your Pet a Libra?

All Libra pets are attractive, affectionate and very loyal. Even the cats will stick by yourself. They thrive in peaceful, beautiful surroundings and take great pride in their appearance. Even the birds and rodents will groom themselves constantly. They are also quite clean pets and do not tend to have any accidents or go outside the letterbox unless they are upset by discipline or fighting amongst the humans in

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Is Your Pet a Virgo?

The Virgo pet is usually very quiet, well-behaved and can be somewhat difficult to connect with. As they prefer to live in their own little world, they are sometimes not that easy to train. The Virgo dog or cat is usually quite happy to be on it’s own and for that reason they make good pets for apartments and condos. Another famous trait of Virgo pets is that they tend

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Is your pet Cancer?

The Cancer pet is a psychic one. It is empathic and very much in tune with your moods and emotions. Both dogs and cats born under this sign are always in tune with you and your schedule. They are affectionate, cuddly and often have beautiful manes. They are content with very little and want only to be with you. However they can also be moody and sensitive creatures that

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Is your pet Gemini?

The Gemini pet is usually pretty, quick on it’s feet and quick to learn. The dogs and cats are very trainable. They are also very social and bond easily with the family and other people. However they can also be a bit disloyal and it is not unusual for the Gemini dog or cat owner to be dismayed by how quickly the Gemini animal can run away.

Gemini birds, reptiles,

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Is my pet Taurus?

If your pet is a Taurus you have a chosen a loyal companion that is easily domesticated. Both cats and dogs born under this sign tend to stick to home. They are also easy to train and love to socialize with people.

In general pets born under this sign enjoy being stroked and caressed. Their favorite thing to do is cuddle up and watch television with you.  Both the

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Is my pet Aries?

If your pet is born an Aries then you can expect to have a pet that is more impulsive than usual. If you have a dog it might have quite a few misbehavior such as jumping the fence or chasing cars. The Aries cat also tends to be quite reckless and will scramble way up a tree to catch a bird without thinking at all about how to get

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