Weekly Horoscopes September 15th through 21st

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Mercury gets all the attention when it goes retrograde three times a year. But how does Mercury affect us on an everyday basis when it’s not retrograde? Mercury rules how we think and communicate. When it changes signs, it shifts our focus. It changes the kinds of communications we have with others, and it’s a strong indicator about travel. Right now Mercury is in Libra until Oct. 2. This increases our focus on legal matters, clever debates, beautiful things and fun socializing. Expect to buy attractive wardrobe goodies because Libra rules haute couture. Oh yeah! “Get out of those wet clothes and into a dry martini!”

Aries (March 21-April 19)

For the next two weeks, Mercury will be opposite your sign, which will help you clarify and explain things to someone. (A close friend, partner or spouse.) This is also an excellent time to consult an expert of any kind. In fact, working with others will benefit you. It’s a particularly good time to discuss difficulties that come up in your intimate relationships. Naturally, you will seek out mental stimulation and fascinating conversations with everyone you talk to because you want to enjoy an intellectual banter with others. “Hey! Don’t we both sound smart?”

Taurus (April 20-May 20)

For the next two weeks, you’re ready to roll up your sleeves and tackle your job in a hands-on way. Nevertheless, this is also an excellent time for all kinds of mental work because you will be more attentive to detail than usual. You might also want to hone and perfect a particular technique that you need for your work. You will enjoy doing any kind of planning because it will give you a sense of purpose, especially regarding practical work that needs to be done. Refrain from criticizing others, which will be tempting. Many of you might think about health concerns more than usual and want to improve your diet.

Gemini (May 21-June 20)

Lucky you! Mercury will travel through the most fun part of your chart in the next few weeks giving you lots of chances to express your creative ideas to others. You want to make it clear to others where you stand on certain matters. You will also want to use your mind for mental games and amusing diversions in addition to reading, writing and anything that requires mental agility. You will love to play jokes and pranks on friends for the next few weeks. (Mercury is the trickster!) Ironically, even though Mercury is your ruler, because of its fun, playful placement in the next few weeks, you might find that you are a poor listener to others. (“Who cares? I’m having fun.”)

Cancer (June 21-July 22)

In the next few weeks, you will examine your domestic life more than usual, especially your relationships with family members and the people you live with. You will reflect more upon your past, including childhood memories. It might occur to you now how past events affect your present and how much your subconscious mind draws your attention to moments from your past. In addition, many of you will tackle repairs on the home front because you want to roll up your sleeves and fix something you’ve been avoiding. A conversation with a parent or an older family member will be significant. This two-week “window” will be a time of reflection. No pane, no gain.

Leo (July 23-Aug. 22)

The placement of Mercury in your chart right now indicates that the pace of your days will accelerate in the next few weeks. Group discussions, conversations with others plus chances to meet new people and see new places as well as travel (especially short trips) will keep you hopping! In addition to this, you will be involved in intellectual activities, which means you might read, write and study more than usual. This is definitely not the time for you to settle down and relax. Au contraire! Prepare for this increased tempo of events and stay flexible so that you can go with the flow. (There’s no time like the pleasant!)

Virgo (Aug. 23-Sept. 22)

Like Gemini, Mercury is your ruler. However for the next few weeks, it will be travelling through one of your Money Houses, which means you will give much more thought to what it is that you value in life. Is it something that’s intellectual, material, or spiritual? Something will prompt you to define your sense of values to someone else. Naturally, you will be thinking more of business and commercial affairs, cash flow, earnings and shopping. You might also dream up some excellent moneymaking ideas? This could turn into a practical advantage for you by October, which means you’ll find yourself cooking on all six burners! “Friendship is the bread of life but money is the honey!”

Libra (Sept. 23-Oct. 22)

Mercury will be in your sign until Oct. 2, which will give you a strong urge to express your point of view to others. You will find that you are able to put a great deal of yourself into whatever it is you say, which makes you persuasive and convincing! Very likely, your mind will jump from issue to issue very rapidly. Nevertheless, you will also have the capacity to examine yourself with greater objectivity. (Like Andy Warhol, am I deeply shallow?) Very likely, you will have a strong urge to get out and travel but not for long distances. Quick trips will be your preference. You will be skilled in negotiations and discussing contracts because your mind will be clear. Charles Schultz was right, “Life is like a 10-speed bicycle. Most of us have gears we never use.”

Scorpio (Oct. 23-Nov. 21)

You are the most private sign in the zodiac – we both know that. Ironically, in the next two weeks, you’re going to be even more private! You will choose to keep your opinions to yourself and not communicate them to others, even if you should. On the upside, you will be more in touch with hidden sides of your personality and your unconscious drives and compulsions. This is because Mercury is travelling through a “hidden” part of your chart. It will make you want to go off by yourself to think or study and contemplate your navel. It promotes your ability to do research by yourself and work alone. You will welcome moments of peace and quiet so that you can contemplate profundity. Cogito ergo porc pan. “I think, therefore these are pork buns.”

Sagittarius (Nov. 22-Dec. 21)

Quite likely, you will be more involved with younger people and perhaps creative artistic types as well in the next few weeks. If so, they will give you a new, informed point of view about yourself and life in general. You might also have reason to examine your ideals, especially how they relate to group ideals. You might find that you will scrutinize your attitude toward groups or a club? (Are these really my people?) You will think more about your goals and what you want to achieve and whether these goals are appropriate for you. It will definitely be a time of increased communication with others and much to-ing and fro-ing. “Hail fellow, well met!”

Capricorn (Dec. 22-Jan. 19)

It’s interesting to note that Mercury will be travelling across the top of your chart in the next few weeks. This will provoke you to make plans concerning your professional life or anything regarding your career or your public reputation. It’s definitely a good time to undertake new studies that would boost your career and your reputation among your peers. Because of this high placement, it’s an excellent time for you to talk to bosses, VIPs, employers and even the police. You might want to make a pitch for a promotion? (You can’t win if you don’t buy a ticket.) Communications on your job will assume a greater importance and you might find yourself in touch with the outside world more than usual. “The Eagle has landed.”

Aquarius (Jan. 20-Feb. 18)

The next few weeks are the perfect time for any kind of study or getting further education because you will be intellectually eager to broaden your horizons and learn more. You will be interested in world news and anything that attracts your attention. In particular, you will be intrigued by foreign places, the law, philosophy and higher knowledge. You will definitely want to get out and travel because your curiosity will make travelling a fascinating exercise. You might find yourself contemplating different lifestyles, especially if you are attracted to how someone else is living. “Loin cloths? Think of the savings in dry-cleaning!” It’s an exciting two weeks ahead!

Pisces (Feb. 19-March 20)

Mercury will be travelling through one of your Money Houses in the next two weeks, specifically the one that deals with the wealth and resources of others. This is why you will give more thought to inheritances, mortgages, banks, loans, money back from the government and also how you might benefit from the wealth of someone close to you. However, you will also have many occasions to look inward and reflect upon deep, psychological truths about yourself. Intellectual encounters with others might be profound as well. You might even discover that you have a mind meld with a friend or amazing synchronicity in your shared thinking. (We don’t see things as they are – we see things as we are.)

From Georgia Nicols