New Moon In Virgo August

August 30th 2019   3:37 am PDT |
11:37 am BST | 9:37 PM AEDT
*NEW MOON* in Virgo brings forth healing, calling for purification so love can flow through.
We are in an age of healing ourselves and our planet, and that means awakening our collective mindset to a vibrational and energetic understanding of our universe.
We are each called to task and it begins in our body.
Her body is our body. We are not separate from Her. 
Our task is to feel, work through and release all that blocks love from freely flowing through us.
We have so much collective grief and trauma that we carry in our root chakras and in our womb centers. 
As we work with loving awareness to release the fear, the rage and the grief, we will begin to feel the regeneration and flow of our Life Force as it activates our creative powers.
Virgo reminds us that through our Earthly embodiment, we become the Chalice.
She teaches us to ground into our Earth and offers her intuitive and discerning gifts to help us sort and map what is needed and what will serve the whole.
Her way is one of love, of caring and compassion for all living things.
Here are the MYSTIC MAMMA Astral Insights from our beloved featured astrologers:
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