Terrific Tuesday Brothers, Sisters, and Guests

I never got a chance to come back to finish yesterday’s posts as I was called by my middle son to come to the hospital to be with him and his wife as she went through labor with the hopes my healing ability would make labor easier and faster. Unfortunately because of the size of my grandson should could not deliver naturally,

I am going to be doing a weekly horoscope instead of regular Daily Horoscope for the next 2 to 3 weeks. I will try to get at least the posts for the Current Moon Phase and Planetary Positions along with Today’s Your Birthday Horoscope for the next couple of weeks as my hands may be needed somewhere besides the keyboard. I will be updating the monthly Moon phases and our next Sabbat today, I am sorry for the delay.

I am Pagan Proud

Have a terrific Tuesday and blessed be dear ones.

This Song Has A New Meaning for Me Today


Last evening I became the grandmother to my 6th grandson bring my grand total of grandchildren to 9!! I was allowed to do his Wiccaning with in minutes of his birth so his ancestors are already watching over him along with my son and daughter-in-law also our large extended family.

I asked for prayers for my daughter-in-law (D-I-L) as she had to have an emergency c-section due do preeclampsia (women in the later stages of their pregnancy can all of a sudden develop high blood pressure that can be life threatening to mother and the child she is carrying) and gestational diabetes. As she was adopted she has none of her medical history background but I am not to worried about my grandson as my D-I-L has been healthy but a little overweight her whole life.

Please do not share this post with anywhere else due to a request from my son. Thank you.