Moon’s Phase Northern vs Southern Hemispheres

I need to apologize my error in posting the same information for the Southern Hemisphere as I do for th Northern Hemisphere.

The phases of the Moon are opposite of each other. For example here in the Northern Hemisphere we have a Waxing Crescent while the Southern Hemisphere has a Waning Crescent Moon. So the information I have been posting as the ” S. H. Current Moon Phase” has been wrong.

I am hoping the website we have been using will let me switch from Northern to Southern to get not only the Moon phase but all the details also.

So my dear Southern Hemisphere readers if you don’t see your current Moon phase for a couple days it is because I am looking for a website that shows the correct current moon phase and details for you.

If anyone knows of a website that covers what is needed to post an accurate current moon phase please email me the link at Thank you for your help with this little project!