The Daily Motivator for September 14: The time you can use

The time you can use

Your time is now. But if you hurry through this moment, you’ll never know its beauty.

Today is full of promise, laced with possibility. Slow down a little, see it, and live with richness the time that’s already yours.

Why rush to get there if all you do when you arrive is rush some more? Put your attention and energy into living, not into hurrying.

The future is already and always beyond your reach. Everything you have is now, so take care not to rush ahead of it.

The time is not fifteen minutes until this or four days from that. The time you can use is always now.

Live it, love it, give to it, enjoy it. Take the time that you have now, thoroughly filling it with richness and meaning.

— Ralph Marston

Published on The Daily Motivator