Spirit Message of the Day – How Are You Fulfilling Your Higher Calling

“When this card appears it addresses a higher calling. The card speaks of direction, inspiration, and guidance from forces outside of our worldly sphere of influence.”

“Traditionally the Voice of the Wind refers to being taught through spirit voices. This is something external, and is directed by a consciousness outside of us. To our ancestors this was the voice of the trees, rocks, mountains, lakes, and oceans. It was the whisperings of Nature spirits and beings of the Otherworld.”

“You are making your way through the woods when you encounter a young couple. The woman is sitting on the earth and all about her the leaves swirl in a passing gust of wind. The trees sway and softly groan, as the woman smiles in response to the message of voices that whisper to her in the forest. In the background is her mate, who stands watch. You appear puzzled, and the man speaks to you, ‘She hears the voice of the wind, do not disturb her’. You strain to hear something yourself as the wind rushes past you, but the man informs you that you can only hear the voice when the spirits with you to understand them. They use the rustling of the leaves, and the sound of branches swaying, to convey their silent words.”

“You possess the ancestral voices within you, but they do not help you hear the voice of the wind. You realize that this comes from another race, and so you leave an offering of a coin from your pocket, and depart. As you go, the wind blows some leaves over the coin, and you hear the woman say, ‘It is well, they know your heart now. The whispers soon will come’.”

Today’s message is from A Traveler’s Guide to the Well Worn Path by Raven Grimassi and Stephanie Taylor with art by Mickie Mueller.

Originally published on SpiritBlogger Blog