Planet Tracker for July 20: Sun in Cancer: Emotional, Protective, Family-Oriented

June 21 – July 22, 2018

Life takes a sentimental turn when the Sun is in Cancer, the zodiac sign associated with home, family, and feelings. Cancer coincides with the Summer Solstice, the official start of summer in the Northern Hemisphere. This is a time when we’ll all celebrate the joy, light, and blessings that summer brings.

Cancer is ruled by the Moon, the planet of emotions and inner self. This reminds us of the deeply sensitive nature of this sign. When the Sun moves through this sign, we’re encouraged to listen to our feelings and respond to them in a constructive matter.

When the Sun is in Cancer

Life gets a lot more sentimental when the Sun moves into cozy Cancer! Here’s how to make the most of life during this transit:


Nest. Cancer loves spending time with family and close friends. Cook dinner together, work on a craft project, or cuddle up on the couch with a good movie during this transit.


“I love you.” These three little words sound sweetest while the Sun is shining in Cancer and tender emotions are felt universally. If you’ve been waiting to say it to someone, this is your golden opportunity!


Nowhere. Cancer craves security, so stick close to home and enjoy summertime in your own backyard. Even better, host a big barbecue to make your friends and family feel loved.


Jammies. Cancer loves getting comfy, but if you must get dressed, choose Cancerian colors like white or yellow, and decorate yourself with the Crab’s signature pearls or silver jewelry.


A kitten. Not only does the Sun move into Cancer during June, National Cat Month, but Cancer is also the most nurturing sign. Adopt a sweet little kitty and feel the love of being a pet parent.


Mood swings. Cancer is an emotional sign, so while there are many highs during this time, the extra sensitivity you’re feeling may bring on a bad mood — fast. This is why you’d be wise to stay home and cuddle up with your loved ones while the Sun is in Cancer.


Intimacy. Sun in Cancer is a beautiful, tender, and sentimental time to enjoy with all your heart. Feel the feelings and love the love — it only gets this sweet once a year.

If you were born with the Sun in Cancer

The Sun in Astrology influences the way we express ourselves and our overall personalities. Having your Sun in Cancer means that you have a need to connect with others on an emotional level. Your tenderness isn’t immediately obvious since your hard outer shell protects your soft internal world.

Your sign is closely connected to the mother and her role as nurturer and protector. A homebody at heart, family and tradition are incredibly important to you. Someone is much more likely to find you spending quiet nights in with your loved ones than out on the town.

As a Water sign, your intuition is off the charts! It’s nearly impossible to get anything past you since you have a special knack for reading people and situations. You often make decisions based on your instinct or gut feelings because they have almost never led you astray.


Emotions run deep with you, and you expect emotional depth and security in your relationships. This doesn’t mean you are one to give your heart away very easily. In fact, it’s only after someone has earned your trust that you allow yourself to fall in love. Your partners soon realize it was worth the wait — you are an intense and passionate lover who gives everything you have to your relationships.


As a Crab, your need for financial security is what drives your ambition. You aren’t one to crave the professional limelight, and yet you manage to be a standout star for your perseverance and ability to handle responsibility with ease. Your shrewd mind and powers of observation help you see the little things that others might miss. If you can avoid getting tangled up in emotion, you will easily climb the ladder of success.


You are all about quality, and not quantity, when it comes to those you surround yourself with. While you may limit the number of friends you have, there is no shortage of loyalty and support that you give to them. When people come to you with a problem, not only will you listen, but you’re the first person to offer help. You have a selfless approach to friendship, and a willingness to do anything for them. Your friends probably feel lucky to have someone like you in their life!


Nobody makes others feel loved quite like you do, Cancer! Your family and friends mean everything to you, and you’ll go above and beyond to make sure they know how much you care about them. is