Get A Jump on Tomorrow, Your Daily Horoscopes for Saturday, Feb. 11th

Get A Jump on Tomorrow…..

Your Daily Horoscopes for Saturday, Feb. 11th



Aries Horoscope

A Sun-Jupiter trine opens your mind wide today, dear Aries, and builds up your confidence in your relationships and projects. Your most creative inclinations come to the fore. Accepting new ideas, promoting current ones, and exploring new subjects comes naturally today. Generosity is the key to social success right now. Accept others’ help graciously for best results. Putting your faith in a person will not only boost their confidence but will boost the friendship and encourage that person to live up to your faith. Mingle and share instead of taking on everything yourself – something you very often fall back on. You might reconnect with an old friend, partner, or project/dream.


Taurus Horoscope

A protective influence occurs today revolving around practical matters including money, work, and routines, dear Taurus. Work demands a lot of your attention now, but you feel confident and on top of things. Motivation and enthusiasm fuel energy now and help you to meet your goals and perhaps go a little further. Expressing optimism, warmth, and tolerance is helpful for maximum benefit from the day’s energies. A new opportunity might present itself on the lines of work or career, or a project opens up and shows signs of moving forward. However, you might find the biggest successes involve old projects or past opportunities that you may have let pass by. Reopening or reviving endeavors can be beneficial now.



Today is excellent for refreshing and rejuvenating yourself through fun and engaging activities, dear Gemini. This can be a time to give or receive an invitation or make contact with an old friend or love. It’s a potentially excellent day for creative inspiration, particularly if you’re looking back to past projects. You might revive a friendship or endeavor. Very warm and positive energy is with you for sharing viewpoints, spending time with others, creative expression, romance, and learning. Non-routine experiences tend to favor you most right now. Communications and relationships are in focus and strengthened. Confidence is with you today.



There is a general desire for harmony that keeps people in better spirits than usual today, dear Cancer. At the same time, it’s not a period of stagnation, either. There is a sense of wanting to grow, improve, and reach beyond your usual boundaries, and for you, this is most likely to happen on emotional levels. Some degree of solitude helps you get in deeper touch with your innermost desires. Introspection favors you now – you can learn a lot about what’s going on inside, but you might also discover something about the past that benefits you. Memories are rich and beneficial now. You can feel especially connected to family or an intimate relationship, and there can be a sense of restored faith and optimism.


Leo Glyph Symbol Horoscope

There is a distinctly cooperative feel to the day that lifts your spirits and heightens your desire to socialize, dear Leo. Your ruler, the Sun, forms a pleasant and supportive aspect with Jupiter, leading to engaging conversations and creative inspiration. This aspect influences your creativity, communications, outlook and attitude, romantic inclinations, and partnerships in wonderful ways. You can experience a stronger sense of well-being which, in turn, inspires you to do your best. Openness and generosity are the keys to success right now, and they can open up new levels of understanding — or generate a good feeling of growth — in your relationships. Make the first move now. Keep in mind that looking to past successes or projects can be particularly beneficial now.


Virgo Symbol Horoscope

You are mentally geared to solve problems today, dear Virgo, and you’re likely to get right to the point. Practical matters soar now. It’s a good time for being recognized for the job you do, the effort you put forth, and or for your talents and value. You may be attracting gifts or increased income now. Part of this is a feeling that you deserve more. Cooperation on the job helps your overall mood and helps you to be clearer about your goals. Look to past ideas and projects with a new perspective, as there are gems to discover in that direction. Productivity is likely now, although it may take a different form than hard work.



This can be a beautiful day for enjoying open, generous energy, dear Libra. It’s strong for romantic attraction and appeal, as well as for creative activities. Relationships and creative pursuits can show clear signs of advancement or growth. Establishing trust and faith can be successful now. A lot of what’s going on is about looking to the past in new ways. Old projects and even attitudes or looks can seem attractive again, and reviving something that used to work for you can be worthwhile and beneficial. Take the time to think about problems that have been difficult to solve, as it’s a good time for finding solutions. People are seeing your finer qualities more clearly today. A surge of enthusiasm brightens your day and your vision of the future.


Scorpio Horoscope

The Sun and Jupiter form a happy trine today, dear Scorpio, and the desire to improve and grow motivates. You trust your intuition, and it tends to lead you to positive conclusions. You might seek and find release for stress or strains – perhaps something you’ve kept to yourself but has been hanging over your head. You are moved by compassion and could volunteer your time and energy to someone in need. There can be advances made in your personal life. Introspection does some wonderful good for you. Relaxing recreational activities can appeal and can even be a little therapeutic now. This can be a good time to revive an old project or endeavor and recycle it in new ways. You are particularly resourceful.


Sagittarius Horoscope

The Sun in harmony with your ruler, Jupiter, encourages you to entertain bigger ideas than usual, dear Sagittarius, as it acts to boost your confidence, particularly on social levels and with your studies and intelligence. This aspect influences plans for future happiness, communications projects, education, and social activities most this year. It’s a great exercise, whether or not everything you dream up now materializes down the road. This is a particularly good time for looking to past successes and taking notes, or for completely reviving old friendships and projects. This is also a fabulous time to gain others’ trust or to develop and grow a relationship.


Capricorn HoroscopeYou can be feeling very hopeful and enthusiastic today, dear Capricorn. With the Sun and Jupiter in harmony, you’re looking to make creative changes and improvements to your life, particularly along practical lines with the Sun in your money and resources sector and Jupiter in your career and goals sector. You can learn something of real value today, but perhaps more importantly, you are feeling confident about your value to others, making it a good time to ask for what you want. People, especially those in authority, naturally support you this week. Others may be noticing your efforts, talents, and accomplishments. You may be drawn to the right people or resources to advance your goals. Widen your comfort zone and be sure to reach out to others. Reviving old projects or drawing upon successes from your past can be rewarding.



You are holding yourself well and getting your message across powerfully today, dear Aquarius. If you want or need to present your case or ask for something important to you, this can be a good time to do so. Others tend to listen to what you have to say, and your ability to see the big picture or to do overview thinking is high. You feel very comfortable and at ease with others right now. Educational, travel and other mind-expanding activities can thrive, or opportunities for these things emerge now. There is a strong desire to stand out, to take the high road, and to set things right. Reviving old projects can be successful today.


PiscesThis is a powerful time to revive a project or endeavor, dear Pisces. Good energy is with you today for support, new insight into old problems, and private matters. Some of you could gain support from a surprising or hidden source, and most should enjoy favorable attention from superiors. If you can manage it, this is a good time for a refreshing retreat or quiet change of pace. The Sun is in your privacy sector, receiving supportive energy from Jupiter, also in a hidden, emotional part of your chart, and this can open up an intimate relationship or the pipeline to your deeper self. Either way, you’re making deeper connections. Support is there if you look for it, and you’re also ready and willing to offer aid. This aspect can work on a financial level for some, opening up opportunities.


Courtesy of Cafe Astrology


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