Nutrition & Beauty


You are what you eat as the old saying goes.  Now, in almost any circumstance, I would entirely agree with this statement; however, there is one additional point I like to bring up as a side-note to this and that is applying that old adage little by little every day.

Nutrition – is a hallmark of humanity.  Without good nutrition, we are nothing without our health.  We cannot grow, live, or be ourselves among each other unless we are functioning well on a basic level.  If you are sick all the time, are you living well?  Nutrition can play a vast role in this, among many things. In addition, it can affect not just your physical but your mental health.  I personally favor eating a more raw natural diet and will speak on this much, but there will be some discussion as to classically cooked meals as well.

Beauty – speaking of mental, here is one aspect that affects any one of us (and I am not just looking at teenagers here). How we see ourselves, and how we at least think we are seen by others plays a subtle or sometimes prominent factor in our everyday lives.  We like to express who we are, and if what we wish to “say” isn’t “showing” as we desire, it causes anguish, doesn’t it?  We wish to look ourselves as much as be ourselves, no matter what gender or race.  Am I right 🙂

Nutrition & Beauty go hand-in-hand on so many things, so much so I thought to dedicate an entire primary page to this foundational topic.  Feel free to comment in any one of the articles below on your thoughts concerning these all natural suggestions.  And remember, it is wisest to figure out what works best for you (food-wise and beauty-wise) and then do that little by little everyday.  I think you will be amazed at that simple work and its results.

Feel confused as to what is good for you per say?  Read on, the best tip is to think, try, and learn!


Listed are informational articles on all natural nutrition, raw diet, personal care, beauty techniques and tips, herbal lore, and favorite recipes on foods.  Many of these are inspired by ethnic cultures from around the globe.

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Do you have allergies and desire allergy relief? Are you interested in healthy eating, weight loss, weight loss teas, herbal teas, herbalism, or recipes to try out that are based on what you can grow or get from your area?  Or are you after reviews on beauty products, beautiful perfumes, easy and effective personal care, and looking naturally radiant all the time?

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