Growing natural spirituality

Spring is a time of growth and re-energizing in the flow of the seasons.  For WOTC, this is also something that is happening as well!

African style woman

Hello my fellow brothers and sisters,

I am honored here today to show a link of WOTC on another webpage, Eupterra Foundation, that I personally have a hand in addition to being here on WOTC as well. With how much I have seen our gatherings of ancient lore, what works/what’s liked, passing down of traditions and wisdom, and answers to general questions  a lot of us have being in and of the craft over the years; it is with heartfelt desire for me to see us grow and expand and our influence reach out to others who can be moved by our way of life.

In time, I hope and encourage WOTC being promoted by other nature-based spirituality and practice sites.  Alas for now, I am glad to tell everybody about mine 🙂

Also, as many have awaited, the Essential Oil Series has been completed and is soon to be posting here.  I look forward to sharing info and uses with many of you in time upcoming.

Check out the sneak preview, and the link to WOTC’s site!

In love and light,