Just A Quick Note From Little Old Me…..

Maybe it is because Spring is almost here or my brain has come out of hibernation, lol! I found myself surfing the internet and running across things, I would love to have here. You have already found out about my passion for old spell pages and that was a super hit (wish I am so grateful that you liked them). I like sharing my passions with my family and I always hope you enjoy the things we put on here as much as we do.

Today after hunting through the internet, I ran across hundreds of witchy sayings. Before that, I ran across hundreds of magickal tips too. After finding these two new finds, I couldn’t resist myself. I asked everyone what they thought about us opening up two more sections. After everyone seen the material, they thought it was a wonderful idea. Now with fingers and toes crossed, I hope you think so too. One of the new sections will be called, “The Witch Said What?” This section will be full of quotes, sayings and info that pertains to witches that we don’t have a category for. If you see some you like, grab them for your site, do a daily thought or something like that. Now the other section, will be “Magickal Tips,” tons of these and some I have never heard of. They are definitely interesting and I know if us older witches, excuse me, more mature witches don’t find them interesting the younger ones will. All of them will be printable, so you can put them in your BOS. And of course, we will still be working on the printable spell pages section, tons more to come!

This afternoon we are going to be posting in all three categories. A spell, then a witchy saying or quote, then a magickal tip, just to give you an idea of what you can find in those two new sections. Again, well really, all the material in the new sections will be printable, so I don’t see a need to put printable out beside them.

I am off for now, just wanted to let you know what was going on. I hope you enjoy these new sections and feel free to grab anything you want for your site.

Love ya,

Lady A