3 thoughts on “Full Moon Enchantment Spell {Printable Spell Page}

  1. I did the full moon enchantment when i burned the paper over the candle to put it in the dish my concentration was blown shortly after i had company knock at the door and this person was loud i looked in the dish possibly to take ashes outside but they werent ashes they were mush grey blobby mush what happened and it doesnt look good i didnt get to finish it is that bad can i redu the enchantment or no please help how does burnt paper turn to mush im brandnew to this and i did ask for more money the object of affection to have eyes for only me theivin to stop robbing to stop and the killing spooked by what happened bunny


    1. You have three days before the Full Moon and three days after the Full Moon to take advantage of its power. I don’t understand why you would be spooked by what happened. Which leads me to the question, have you studied witchcraft? By studying the Craft for a year and a day, you learn what can be expected and what might accidentally show up. By studying you are prepared for whatever comes your way. But I won’t lecture, sorry, you asked for help. What you are describing occurs when certain types of paper are used. I have found if you use printer paper from your printer or notebook paper, these results happen. I have a friend who takes care of this mess by simply gathering up the ashes, putting them into a bowl and smashing them up. Myself, on the other hand, make my own paper. If you hadn’t already sent your intentions out into the universe before the knock on the door, it would probably be best to redo the spell. It might also be a good idea to wait till a little later to perform this spell(late enough so no company will come a knocking at your door).

      I hope I have answered your question and your concerns. If you need anything else, just holler. Till then..
      Lady A


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