Earth Day 2015

Remember to give thanks to Mother Earth today and every day for all she gives to us. When you go for a walk take a small bag with you and pick up trash you come across and then throw the bag away or separate the recyclables properly when you get home.


What are you ideas for helping Earth to become more beautiful once more and able to sustain a better quality of life for generations to come?

One thought on “Earth Day 2015

  1. Plant a tree or several trees.

    Stop buying water in plastic bottles. Americans throw away 25,000,000 plastic bottles every hour !

    If we re-cycled just one-tenth of our newspapers we could save one million trees each year.

    Support local farmers and growers who do not use herbicides on their produce. Tons of chemicals are poured into our streams and rivers every day. Each of us needs to make an effort to eliminate insects using natural insecticides.

    Earth Blessings going out to my brothers and sisters.



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