May 19 – Daily Feast

May 19 – Daily Feast

If there is one thing that scares us, it is the thought that any part of life has been wasted. We look back and ask why we let it happen – what was so important that it could steal our youth, our strength, our capacity to be somebody – to just be happy. Is it too late to begin again? Never. It may be with a different set of rules, a standard of values that has changed drastically, but begin again? Yes, Many have started over and have had more happiness and contentment in a short time than in all of what is known as the wasted years. Anyone who has ever traveled a trail of tears wishes they had known then what they know now. But we did not know, and life is not lived by hindsight. We did what we knew to do – sometimes with great ignorance. But if we know the difference now and want to begin again – then why not? And why not now?

~ Years of trial and anxiety, of danger and struggle, have maintained the ….Cherokee people as a distinct community….and such must continue. ~


‘A Cherokee Feast of Days’, by Joyce Sequichie Hifler